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    Bill Sloan

    1.Brotherhood of Heroes
    2.Given Up for Dead
    3.Hell in the Pacific
    4.The Darkest Summer
    5.The Ultimate Battle
    6.Their Backs Against the Sea

    C.S. Forester

    12. Greyhound  
    13. Death To The French
    14. The Gun  
    15. The African Queen  
    16. The General  
    17. The Captain From Connecticut  
    18. The Ship  
    19. The Sky And The Forest  
    20. The Good Shepherd  
    21. The Last Nine Days Of The Bismarck  
    22. The Man In The Yellow Raft  
    23. Single Handed  

    Iris Johanson

    1.Chasing The Night  
    2.What Doesn't Kill You
    3.Live To See Tomorrow  
    4.Your Next Breath  
    6.The Wind Dancer  
    7.Storm Winds  
    8.Reap The Wind  
    9.Final Target  
    10.The Golden Valkyrie  
    11.The Trustworthy Redhead  
    12.Capture The Rainbow  
    13.Touch The Horizon  
    14.A Summer Smile  
    15.And The Desert Blooms  
    18.Magnificent Folly  
    20.Silent Thunder  
    21.Shadow Zone  
    22.White Satin  
    23.Blue Velvet  
    24.High Stakes  
    26.No Easy Target  
    27.The Ugly Duckling  
    28.And Then You Die  
    29.No One To Trust  
    30.Fatal Tide  
    32.On The Run  
    33.Killer Dreams  
    34.Pandora's Daughter  
    35.Dark Summer  
    36.The Magnificent Rogue  
    37.The Beloved Scoundrel  
    38.Midnight Warrior  
    39.Dark Rider  
    40.Tender Savage  
    41.An Unexpected Song  
    42.One Touch Of Topaz  
    43.Storm Cycle  
    44.The Bronzed Hawk  
    45.The Delaney Christmas Carol  
    46.The Perfect Witness  

    Jeffrey Archer

    15. Next In Line
    16. Hell  
    17. Purgatory
    18. Heaven
    19. Heads You Win  
    20. Twelve Red Herrings  
    21. A Twist In The Tale  
    22. Tell Tale
    34. A Quiver Full Of Arrows  
    35. To Cut A Long Story Short  
    36. Cat O'Nine Tales  
    37. And Thereby Hangs A Tale  
    38. The Perfect Murder  
    39. The Gospel According To Judas  

    Titus Livy

    1. The History Of Rome, Volume 1  
    2. The History Of Rome, Volume 2  
    3. The History Of Rome, Volume 3  
    4. The History Of Rome, Volume 4  
    5. The History Of Rome, Volume 5  
    6. The History Of Rome, Volume 6 

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