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    Alex Kershaw
    2. The Longest Winter (read by Grover Gardner)
    3. The Liberator (read by Fred Sanders)
    4. The Bedford Boys (read by William Dufris)
    5. Avenue Of Spies (read by Mark Deakins)
    6. Escape From The Deep (read by Richard Poe)
    7. The First Wave (read by Paul Michael)
    8. The Few (read by Scott Brick)

    Antony Beevor
    1. Paris (read by John Curless)
    2. Berlin (read by Sean Barrett)
    5. The Second World War (read by Sean Barrett)
    6. The Battle For Spain (read by Sean Barrett)
    7. Ardennes 1944 (read by Sean Barrett)
    8. Crete 1941 (read by James Langton)
    9. Arnhem (read by Sean Barrett)
    10. The Mystery Of Olga Chekhova (read by Sean Barrett)

    Camilla Lackberg
    1. The Ice Princess (read by David Thorn)
    2. The Preacher (read by Cameron Stewart)
    3. The Stone Cutter (read by Eamonn Riley)
    4. The Gallows Bird (read by Eamonn Riley)
    5. The Hidden Child (read by Eamonn Riley)
    6. The Drowning (read by Eamonn Riley)
    7. The Lost Boy (read by Robin Bowerman)
    8. Buried Angels (read by Robin Bowerman)
    9. The Ice Child (read by Robin Bowerman)
    10. The Girl In The Woods (read by Robin Bowerman)

    Dashiell Hammett
    1. BBC Radio Drama Collection (read by Connie Booth, Jane Lapotaire, Stuart Milligan, Tom Wilkinson, William Hootkins)
    2. Best Cases Of The Continental Op (read by Alison Belle Bews, Stefan Rudnicki)
    3. Crime Stories (read by various)
    4. Hollywood Double Bill - The Maltese Falcon & Magnificent Obsession (read by Humphrey Bogart,Mary Astor and Myrna Lloy)
    6. Return of the Thin Man (read by Peter Ganim,Nicola Barber and Scott Brick)
    7. Secret Agent X-9 (read by various)
    8. The Assistant Murderer (read by Christopher Strong)
    9. The Big Book of the Continental Op (read by Joe Wilson)
    11. The Glass Key (read by Stephen R. Thorne)
    12. The Hunter and Other Stories (read by Ray Chase,Stephen Bowlby, Brian Holsopple and Donna Postel)

    Douglas Murray
    2. The Madness of Crowds : Gender, Race and Identity (read by Douglas Murray)
    3. The Strange Death of Europe : Immigration, Identity, Islam (read by Robert Davies)

    Jan Guillou
    1. The Road to Jerusalem (2002)
    2. The Knight Templar (2002)
    3. Birth of the Kingdom (2010)

    Nelson DeMille
    1. The General's Daughter (read by Scott Brick)
    2. Up Country (read by Scott Brick)
    3. The Gold Coast (read by Scott Brick)
    4. The Gate House (read by Christian Rummel)
    9. The Charm School (read by Scott Brick)
    11. Cathedral (read by Scott Brick)
    12. Spencerville (read by Scott Brick)
    13. By The Rivers Of Babylon (read by Scott Brick)
    15. MayDay (read by Michael Prichard)
    16. The Quest (read by Scott Brick)
    17. The Rich And The Dead (read by Joyce Bean & others)

    Paul Fussell
    3. The Boys' Crusade: he American Infantry in Northwestern Europe, 1944-1945 (read by Joel Leffert)
    4. Thank God for the Atom Bomb and Other Essays (read by William Lavelle)

    Robert Kershaw
    2. Tank Men: The Human Story of Tanks (read by Jonathan Oliver)
    3. Landing on the Edge of Eternity: Twenty-Four Hours at Omaha Beach (read by Roger Clark)

    Shelby Foote
    4. Follow Me Down (read by Tom Parker)
    5. Jordan County (read by Tom Parker)
    6. Shiloh (read by Shelby Foote, George Guidall, Kevin McCue, Norman Dietz, Mark Hammer)
    7. Love In A Dry Season (read by Tom Parker)
    8. Tournament (read by Tom Parker)

    Stephen Ambrose
    3. D Day (read by Stephen E. Ambrose)
    4. Citizen Soldiers (read by George Wilson)
    5. Eisenhower (read by Jay Robertson)
    6. Nothing Like It In The World (read by Jeffrey DeMunn)
    7. Pegasus Bridge (read by Arthur Morey)
    10. The Victors (read by Cotter Smith)
    11. The Supreme Commander (read by Richard Ferrone)

    Tom Calvin
    5. Dodge City (read by John Bedford Lloyd)
    10. All Blood Runs Red (read by James Shippy)

    William Dalrymple
    1. Koh-i-Noor: The History of the World’s Most Infamous Diamond (read by Leighton Pugh)
    3. The Last Mughal: The Fall of a Dynasty, Delhi, 1857 (read by Robert Bathurst)
    5. In Xanadu: A Quest (read by Michael Maloney)
    6. Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India (read by Daniel Philpott)
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