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    AG Riddle
    1. Pandemic (The Extinction Files)
    2. Genome (The Extinction Files)
    3. The Atlantis Gene (The Origin Mystery)
    4. The Atlantis Plague (The Origin Mystery)
    5. The Atlantis World (The Origin Mystery)
    6. Winter World (The Long Winter)
    7. The Solar War (The Long Winter)
    8. The Lost Colony (The Long Winter)
    9. Departure (Novel)

    Brian Haig
    1. Secret Sanction (read by Scott Brick)
    2. Mortal Allies (read by Scott Brick)
    3. The Kingmaker (read by Scott Brick)
    4. Private Sector (read by Scott Brick)
    5. The President's Assassin (read by Scott Brick)
    6. Man In The Middle (read by L.J. Ganser)
    7. The Night Crew (read by Christopher Lane)

    Harry Sidebottom
    1. Fire In The East (read by Nick Boulton)
    2. King Of Kings (read by Nick Boulton)
    3. Lion Of The Sun (read by Nick Boulton)
    4. The Caspian Gates (read by Nick Boulton)
    5. The Wolves Of The North (read by Nick Boulton)
    6. The Amber Road (read by Nick Boulton)
    7. The Last Hour (read by Nick Boulton)
    8. Iron And Rust (read by Colin Mace)
    9. Blood And Steel (read by Colin Mace)
    10. Fire And Sword (read by Colin Mace)
    11. The Mad Emperor (read by Saul Reichlin)
    12. The Return (read by Jonathan Keeble)
    13. The Lost Ten (read by Duguld Bruce Lockhart)

    John Lutz
    1. Darker Than Night (read by Scott Brick)
    2. In For The Kill (read by Scott Brick)
    3. Night Kills (read by Scott Brick)
    4. Urge To Kill (read by Scott Brick)
    5. Mister X (read by Scott Brick)
    6. Serial (read by Scott Brick)
    7. Pulse (read by Scott Brick)
    8. Twist (read by Scott Brick)
    9. Frenzy (read by Scott Brick)
    10. Slaughter (read by Scott Brick)

    Joshua Hood
    2. The Treadstone Exile (2021)
    4. Clear By Fire (2015)
    5. Warning Order (2016

    R R Haywood
    The Undead Part 1
    The Undead Part 2
    The Undead Part 3
    The Undead Part 4
    The Undead Part 5
    The Undead Part 6
    The Undead Part 7
    The Undead deleted scenes

    Scott Pratt
    1. An Innocent Client (read by Tim Campbell)
    2. In Good Faith (read by Tim Campbell)
    3. Injustice For All (read by Tim Campbell)
    4. Reasonable Fear (read by Tim Campbell)
    5. Conflict Of Interest (read by Tim Campbell)
    6. Blood Money (read by Tim Campbell)
    7. A Crime Of Passion (read by Tim Campbell)
    8. Judgment Cometh (read by Tim Campbell)
    9. Due Process (read by Tim Campbell)
    10. Justice Redeemed (read by Nick Podehl)
    11. Justice Burning (read by James Patrick Cronin)
    12. Justice Lost (read by James Patrick Cronin)
    13. Deep Threat (read by Tim Campbell)

    Stephen Leather (Jack Nightingale Series)
    1. Nightfall (read by Paul Thornley)
    2. Midnight (read by Paul Thornley)
    3. Nightmare (read by Paul Thornley)
    4. Nightshade (read by Paul Thornley)
    5. Lastnight (read by Paul Thornley)
    6. San Francisco Night (read by Paul Thornley)
    7. New York Night (read by Paul Thornley)
    9. The House On Gable Street (read by Paul Thornley)
    12. Nightingale 2 (read by Paul Thornley)

    Steven Saylor
    1. Roman Blood (1991)
    2. Arms of Nemesis (1992)
    3. Catilina's Riddle (1993)
    4. The Venus Throw (1995)
    5. A Murder On the Appian Way (1996)
    6. The House of the Vestals (1997)
    7. Rubicon (1999)
    8. Last Seen in Massilia (2000)
    9. A Mist of Prophecies (2001)
    10. The Judgement of Caesar (2004)
    11. A Gladiator Dies Only Once (2005)
    12. The Triumph of Caesar (2008)
    13. The Throne of Caesar (2018)
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