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    Bentley Little

    1. The Burning (read by Andrew Gibson)
    2. His Father's Son (read by Andrew Gibson)
    3. University (read by John Pirhalla)
    4. Dominion (read by John Pirhalla)
    5. Gloria (read by John Pirhalla)
    6. The Circle (read by John Pirhalla)
    7. The Policy (read by John Pirhalla)
    8. The Revelation (read by David Stifel)
    9. The Summoning (read by John Pirhalla)
    10. The Walking (read by John Pirhalla)
    11. The Vanishing (read by John Pirhalla)
    12. The Disappearance (read by John Pirhalla)
    13. The Bank (read by John Pirhalla)
    14. The Town (read by David Stifel)
    15. The Academy (read by David Stifel)
    16. The Store (read by David Stifel)
    17. The Association (read by David Stifel)
    18. The House (read by David Stifel)
    19. The Haunted (read by Dan Butler)
    20. The Mailman (read by David Stifel)
    21. The Resort (read by David Stifel)
    22. The Ignored (read by David Stifel)
    23. Death Instinct (read by David Stifel)
    24. The Influence (read by Joe Barrett)
    25. The Handyman (read by Chris Andrew Ciulla)
    26. The Consultant (read by Ramiz Monsef)
    27. Walking Alone (read by Traber Burns)
    28. The Collection Volume Two (read by Mitch Urban)
    29. The Collection Volume One (read by Mitch Urban)

    John O'Brien

    1. Chaos (read by Christopher John Fetherolf)
    2. Return (read by Christopher John Fetherolf)
    3. Sanctuary (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    4. Taken (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    5. Awakening (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    6. Dissension (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    7. Takedown (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    8. Conspiracy (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    9. Reckoning (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    10. Storm (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    11. Arctic Storm (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    12. White Horse (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    13. Phoenix Rising (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    14. Atlantis (read by Sean Runnette)
    15. Whistlers (read by Sean Runnette)
    16. Convergence (read by Sean Runnette)
    17. Valhalla (read by Sean Runnette)
    18. Fallen (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    19. Winter (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    20. Emergence (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    21. Risen (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    22. Lycan (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    23. Strigoi (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    24. Cartel Part One (read by Mark Gagliardi)
    25. The Third Wave: Eidolon (read by Mark Gagliardi)

    Joseph Ellis

    1. American Creation: Triumphs and Tragedies at the Founding of the Republic
    2. American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson
    3. American Dialogue: The Founders and Us
    4. First Family: Abigail & John Adams
    5. Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation
    6. His Excellency: George Washington
    7. Passionate Sage: The Character and Legacy of John Adams
    8. Revolutionary Summer: The Birth of American Independence
    9. The Cause: The American Revolution and its Discontents, 1773-1783
    10. The Quartet: Orchestrating the Second American Revolution, 1783-1789
    11. Brotherhood of the Revolution: How America's Founders Forged a New Nation
    12. Captain Grant’s Children (read by Stan Pretty)

    Robert Bailey

    1. The Professor (read by Eric G. Dove)
    2. Between Black And White (read by Eric G. Dove)
    3. The Last Trial (read by Eric G. Dove)
    4. The Final Reckoning (read by Eric G. Dove)
    9. The Golfer's Carol (read by Jon Lindstrom)

    Stella Rimington

    1. At Risk (read by Jennifer McMahon)
    2. Secret Asset (read by Rosalyn Landor)
    3. Illegal Action (read by Rosalyn Landor)
    4. Dead Line (read by Maggie Mash)
    5. Present Danger (read by Maggie Mash)
    6. Rip Tide (read by Julia Barrie)
    7. The Geneva Trap (read by Julia Barrie)
    8. Close Call (read by Julia Barrie)
    9. Breaking Cover (read by Julia Barrie)
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