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    Tim Dorsey
    1. The Pope Of Palm Beach (read by Oliver Wyman)
    2. Naked Came The Florida Man (read by Oliver Wyman)
    3. Tropic Of Stupid (read by Oliver Wyman)
    4. Mermaid Confidential (read by Oliver Wyman)

    Don Mann
    5. Hunt The Wolf (read by Peter Ganim)
    6. Hunt The Scorpion (read by Peter Ganim)
    7. Hunt The Falcon (read by Peter Ganim)
    8. Hunt The Jackal (read by Peter Ganim)
    9. Hunt The Fox (read by Peter Ganim)
    10. Hunt The Dragon (read by Peter Ganim)
    11. Hunt The Viper (read by Peter Ganim)

    Mick Herron
    12. Slow Horses (read by Sean Barrett)
    13. Dead Lions (read by Sean Barrett)
    14. The List (read by Sean Barrett)
    15. Real Tigers (read by Sean Barrett)
    16. Spook Street (read by Sean Barrett)
    17. London Rules (read by Sean Barrett)
    18. Joe Country (read by Gerard Doyle)
    19. Slough House (read by Sean Barrett)

    Patrick Robinson
    20. Nimitz Class (read by George Guidall)
    21. Kilo Class (read by George Guidall)
    22. H.M.S. Unseen (read by George Guidall)
    23. U.S.S. Seawolf (read by George Guidall)
    24. The Shark Mutiny (read by George Guidall)
    25. Barracuda 945 (read by Erik Steele)
    26. Scimitar SL-2 (read by George Guidall)
    27. Hunter Killer (read by Erik Steele)
    28. Ghost Force (read by George Guidall)
    29. To The Death (read by Erik Steele)

    Carl Hiaasen
    30. Skin Tight (read by George Wilson)
    31. Skinny Dip (read by Stephen Hoye)
    32. Bad Monkey (read by Arte Johnson)
    33. Razor Girl (read by John Rubinstein)
    34. Squirm (read by Kirby Heyborne)
    35. Assume The Worst (read by Carl Hiaasen)
    36. Hoot (read by Chad Lowe)
    37. Flush (read by Michael Welch)
    38. Chomp (read by James Van Der Beek)
    39. The Downhill Lie (read by Carl Hiaasen)
    40. Dance Of The Reptiles (read by Arte Johnson)
    41. Strip Tease (read by George Wilson)
    42. Lucky You (read by George Wilson)
    43. Basket Case (read by George Wilson)
    44. Nature Girl (read by Lee Adams)
    45. The Edible Exile (read by Scott Brick)
    46. Naked Came The Manatee (read by Burt Reynolds)

    Mike Lawson
    47. The Inside Ring (read by Scott Brick)
    48. The Second Perimeter (read by Scott Brick)
    49. House Rules (read by Joe Barrett)
    50. House Secrets (read by Joe Barrett)
    51. House Justice (read by Joe Barrett)
    52. House Divided (read by Joe Barrett)
    53. House Blood (read by Joe Barrett)
    54. House Odds (read by Joe Barrett)
    55. House Reckoning (read by Joe Barrett)
    56. House Rivals (read by Joe Barrett)
    57. House Revenge (read by Joe Barrett)
    58. House Witness (read by Joe Barrett)
    59. House Arrest (read by Joe Barrett)
    60. House Privilege (read by Joe Barrett)
    61. House Standoff (read by Joe Barrett)
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