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    D.K. Holmberg is an American author of fantasy and science fiction novels. He is the author of several series, including the "Cloud Warrior Saga," "Dark Ability" and "The Lost Garden" series. Holmberg began self-publishing his work in 2012 and has since gained a following and reputation for his creative and well-crafted worlds and character development. Holmberg's stories often center around characters with special abilities and the struggles they face in a complex and often hostile world. He is known for his attention to detail and unique world-building.


    The Cloud Warrior Saga
    1. Chased By Fire (read by Nicholas Techosky)
    2. Bound By Fire (read by Nicholas Techosky)
    3. Changed By Fire (read by Nicholas Techosky)
    4. Fortress Of Fire (read by Nicholas Techosky)
    5. Forged In Fire (read by Nicholas Techosky)
    6. Serpent Of Fire (read by Nicholas Techosky)
    7. Servant Of Fire (read by Nicholas Techosky)

    The Dark Ability Series
    8. The Dark Ability (read by Vikas Adam)
    9. The Heartstone Blade (read by Vikas Adam)
    10. The Tower Of Venass (read by Vikas Adam)
    11. Blood Of The Watcher (read by Vikas Adam)
    12. The Shadowsteel Forge (read by Vikas Adam)
    13. The Guild Secret (read by Vikas Adam)
    14. Rise Of The Elder (read by Vikas Adam)

    The Dragon Misfits Series
    15. Ice Dragon (read by Matt Godfrey)
    16. Iron Dragon (read by Matt Godfrey)
    17. Forest Dragon (read by Matt Godfrey)
    18. Storm Dragon (read by Matt Godfrey)
    19. Mist Dragon (read by Matt Godfrey)
    20. Night Dragon (read by Matt Godfrey)

    The Lost Prophecy Series
    21. The Threat Of Madness (read by James Fouhey)
    22. The Warrior Mage (read by James Fouhey)

    The Shadow Accords Series
    23. Shadow Blessed (read by Emily Sutton-Smith)
    24. Shadow Cursed (read by Emily Sutton-Smith)
    25. Shadow Born (read by Emily Sutton-Smith)

    Elemental Academy Series
    26. The Fire Within (read by John Pirhalla)
    27. The Earth Awakens (read by John Pirhalla)
    28. The Water Ruptures (read by John Pirhalla)
    29. The Wind Rages (read by John Pirhalla)
    30. The Spirit Binds (read by John Pirhalla)
    31. The Chaos Rises (read by John Pirhalla)
    32. The Elements Bond (read by John Pirhalla)

    The Dragonwalker Series
    33. Dragon Bones (read by Christian Rummel)
    34. Dragon Blessed (read by Christian Rummel)
    35. Dragon Rise (read by Christian Rummel)
    36. Dragon Bond (read by Christian Rummel)
    37. Dragon Storm (read by Christian Rummel)
    38. Dragon Rider (read by Christian Rummel)
    39. Dragon Sight (read by Christian Rummel)

    The Teralin Sword Series
    40. Soldier Son (read by Derek Perkins)
    41. Soldier Sword (read by Derek Perkins)

    The Endless War Series
    42. The Endless War 1-2 (read by James Foster)
    43. Endless Night (read by James Foster)
    44. Summoner's Bond (read by James Foster)
    45. Seal Of Light (read by James Foster)

    The Book of Maladies Series
    46. Wasting (read by Traci Odom)
    47. Broken (read by Traci Odom)
    48. Poisoned (read by Traci Odom)
    49. Tormina (read by Traci Odom)

    The Chain Breaker Series
    50. The Risen Shard (read by John Pirhalla)
    51. The Jade Egg (read by John Pirhalla)
    52. The Fates Of Yoran (read by John Pirhalla)
    53. The Stone Wolf (read by John Pirhalla)
    54. The Paper Dragon (read by John Pirhalla)
    55. The Order Returns (read by John Pirhalla)
    56. A Blade And A Ring (read by John Pirhalla)
    57. A Champion Falls (read by John Pirhalla)

    The Executioner's Song Series
    58. The Executioner's Right (read by John Pirhalla)
    59. The Executioner's Apprentice (read by John Pirhalla)
    60. The Executioner's Blade (read by John Pirhalla)
    61. The Executioner's Rebellion (read by John Pirhalla)
    62. The Master Executioner (read by John Pirhalla)

    Elemental Warrior Series
    63. The Shape Of Fire (read by John Pirhalla)
    64. A Fading Fire (read by John Pirhalla)
    65. A Fire Reborn (read by John Pirhalla)
    66. A Surge Of Fire (read by John Pirhalla)

    Cycle of Dragons Series
    67. The Caged Dragon (read by Brian Holden)
    68. The Betrayed Dragon (read by Brian Holden)
    69. The Lost Dragon (read by Brian Holden)
    70. The Summoned Dragon (read by Brian Holden)
    71. The Restored Dragon (read by Brian Holden)
    72. The Returned Dragon (read by Brian Holden)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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