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    The Princess Diaries Series & more by Meg Cabot ~ 58 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Meg CabotMeg Cabot (born Meggin Patricia Cabot on February 1, 1967 in Bloomington, Indiana, United States) is an American author of romantic and paranormal fiction for teens and adults and used to write under several pen names, but now writes exclusively under her real name, Meg Cabot. She has written and published over fifty books, and is best known for The Princess Diaries, later made by Walt Disney Pictures into two feature films of the same name. Meg's books have been the recipients of numerous awards, including the New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age, the American Library Association Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers, the Tennessee Volunteer State TASL Book Award, the Book Sense Pick, the Evergreen Young Adult Book Award, the IRA/CBC Young Adult Choice - as well as many others (see awards section for specific book wins). She has had numerous #1 New York Times bestsellers. Cabot has more than fifteen million copies of her books—children's, young adult, and adult—in print worldwide.


    The Princess Diaries Series
    1. The Princess Diaries (read by Anne Hathaway)
    2. Princess In The Spotlight (read by Anne Hathaway)
    3. Princess In Love (read by Anne Hathaway)
    4. Princess In Waiting (read by Clea Lewis)
    5. Princess In Pink (read by Clea Lewis)
    6. Princess In Training (read by Clea Lewis)
    7. Party Princess (read by Clea Lewis)
    8. Princess On The Brink (read by Clea Lewis)
    9. Princess Mia (read by Clea Lewis)
    10. Forever Princess (read by Clea Lewis)
    11. Royal Wedding (read by Arielle DeLisle)

    The Mediator Series
    12. Shadowland (read by Johanna Parker)
    13. Ninth Key (read by Johanna Parker)
    14. Reunion (read by Johanna Parker)
    15. Darkest Hour (read by Johanna Parker)
    16. Haunted (read by Alanna Ubach)
    17. Twilight (read by Johanna Parker)
    18. Proposal (read by Johanna Parker)
    19. Remembrance (read by Johanna Parker)

    Heather Wells Series
    20. Size 12 Is Not Fat (read by Justine Eyre)
    21. Size 14 Is Not Fat Either (read by Kristen Kairos)
    22. Big Boned (read by Justine Eyre)
    23. Size 12 And Ready To Rock (read by Sandy Rustin)
    24. The Bride Wore Size 12 (read by Sandy Rustin)

    Queen of Babble Series
    25. Queen Of Babble (read by Justine Eyre)
    26. Queen Of Babble In The Big City (read by Justine Eyre)
    27. Queen Of Babble Gets Hitched (read by Justine Eyre)

    Airhead Series
    28. Airhead (read by Stina Nielsen)
    29. Being Nikki (read by Stina Nielsen)
    30. Runaway (read by Stina Nielsen)

    All-American Girl Series
    31. All-American Girl (read by Ariadne Meyers)
    32. Ready Or Not (read by Ariadne Meyers)

    Abandon Series
    33. Abandon (read by Natalia Payne)
    34. Underworld (read by Natalia Payne)
    35. Awaken (read by Natalia Payne)

    Insatiable Series
    36. Insatiable (read by Emily Bauer)
    37. Overbite (read by Emily Bauer)

    Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls Series
    38. Moving Day (read by Tara Sands)
    39. The New Girl (read by Tara Sands)
    40. Best Friends And Drama Queens (read by Tara Sands)
    41. Stage Fright (read by Tara Sands)
    42. Glitter Girls And The Great Fake-Out (read by Tara Sands)
    43. Blast From The Past (read by Tara Sands)

    Little Bridge Island Series
    44. No Judgments (read by Piper Goodeve)
    45. No Offense (read by Piper Goodeve)
    46. No Words (read by Piper Goodeve)

    Boys Series
    47. The Boy Next Door (read by Carly Robins)
    48. Boy Meets Girl (read by Carly Robins)
    49. Every Boy's Got One (read by Carly Robins)

    Witches of West Harbor Series
    50. Enchanted To Meet You (read by Piper Goodeve, Tim Paige)

    51. Avalon High (read by Debra Wiseman)
    52. Jinx (read by Amber Sealey)
    53. How To Be Popular (read by Kate Reinders)
    54. Fashionably Undead (read by Sarah Drew)
    55. Teen Idol (read by Elisabeth Moss)
    56. Pants On Fire (read by Krista Sutton)
    57. Nicola And The Viscount (read by Amanda Root)
    58. Victoria And The Rogue (read by Serena Gordon)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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