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    The Conquest Trilogy Series & more by Jack Ludlow ~ 45 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Jack Ludlow Edinburgh-born David Donachie is a historical novelist with a particular interest in naval history in the 18th and 19th centuries. A former salesman, of everything from business machines to soap, he is now a full-time writer. He also writes fiction under two pen names, Jack Ludlow and Tom Connery. His first series, The Privateersman Mysteries, is set in the late 18th century and features former navy Captain turned privateer Harry Ludlow. Writing as Jack Ludlow, his Republic series is set in ancient Rome and the Conquest Series is set in the 11th century. He now lives with his wife, also an author, in Deal in Kent.


    The Conquest Trilogy
    1. Mercenaries (read by Jonathan Keeble)
    2. Warriors (read by Jonathan Keeble)
    3. Conquest (read by Jonathan Keeble)

    Republic Series
    4. The Pillars Of Rome (read by Nick Boulton)
    5. The Sword Of Revenge (read by Nick Boulton)
    6. The Gods Of War (read by Nick Boulton)

    Crusades Series
    7. Son Of Blood (read by Jonathan Keeble)
    8. Soldier Of Crusade (read by Jonathan Keeble)
    9. The Prince Of Legend (read by Jonathan Keeble)

    The Last Roman Trilogy
    10. Vengeance (read by David Thorpe)
    11. Honour (read by David Thorpe)
    12. Triumph (read by David Thorpe)

    Roads to War Series
    13. The Burning Sky (read by Jonathan Keeble)
    14. A Broken Land (read by Jonathan Keeble)
    15. A Bitter Field (read by Michael Tudor Barnes)

    AS David Donachie

    Privateersman Mysteries Series
    16. David Donachie - The Devil's Own Luck (read by Peter Wickham)
    17. David Donachie - The Dying Trade (read by Peter Wickham)
    18. David Donachie - A Hanging Matter (read by Peter Wickham)
    19. David Donachie - An Element Of Chance (read by Peter Wickham)
    20. David Donachie - The Scent Of Betrayal (read by Peter Wickham)
    21. David Donachie - A Game Of Bones (read by Peter Wickham)

    John Pearce Series
    22. David Donachie - By The Mast Divided (read by Peter Wickham)
    23. David Donachie - A Shot Rolling Ship Donachie (read by Peter Wickham)
    24. David Donachie - An Awkward Commission (read by Peter Wickham)
    25. David Donachie - Flag Of Truce (read by Peter Wickham)
    26. David Donachie - The Admirals' Game (read by Peter Wickham)
    27. David Donachie - An Ill Wind (read by Peter Wickham)
    28. David Donachie - Blown Off Course (read by Jonathan Keeble)
    29. David Donachie - Enemies At Every Turn (read by Michael Tudor Barnes)
    30. David Donachie - A Sea Of Troubles (read by Peter Wickham)
    31. David Donachie - A Divided Command (read by Peter Wickham)
    32. David Donachie - The Devil To Pay (read by Peter Wickham)
    33. David Donachie - The Perils Of Command (read by Peter Wickham)
    34. David Donachie - A Treacherous Coast (read by Peter Wickham)
    35. David Donachie - On A Particular Service (read by Peter Wickham)
    36. David Donachie - A Close Run Thing (read by Peter Wickham)

    Nelson and Emma Series
    37. David Donachie - On A Making Tide (read by Jonathan Keeble)
    38. David Donachie - Tested By Fate (read by Andrew Wincott)
    39. David Donachie - Breaking The Line (read by Andrew Wincott)

    Contraband Shore Series
    40. David Donachie - The Contraband Shore (read by Peter Noble)
    41. David Donachie - A Lawless Place (read by Peter Noble)
    42. David Donachie - Blood Will Out (read by Peter Noble)

    Markham of the Marines Series/ as Tom Connery
    43. Honour Redeemed (read by Gerry O'Brien)
    44. A Shred Of Honour (read by Gerry O'Brien)

    45. David Donachie - Hawkwood (read by Peter Noble)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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