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    New Species Series & more by Laurann Dohner ~ 51 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Laurann Dohner "I had a rather short area here telling a little about me but then I had more than a few people ask me to expand it so... here goes. LOL. I'm a full time home 'supervisor' which is a nice word for saying I'm a housewife. I'm married happily, I met my dream guy 20 years ago, and we have 4 children. I live in Southern California and I can't function without iced coffee. I believe in romance, I've always been a daydreamer, and I'm a HUGE fan of books, always have been. No, I didn't know that I always wanted to write. I inhaled books as a child. I read entire series (Pippi Longstocking, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, Trixie Beldon, The Borrowers, etc) in a matter of days at a time. By the time I was nine years old I had an adult library card where I visited often. I moved on to John Saul, Stephen King, Richard Laymon, Agatha Christie, and then found romance. I was hooked. I wrote poetry in my teens and then moved on to short stories. My first book was started after I read a real bomb of a book that ticked me off with really horrible characters and a plot that was shabby at best and I thought... I could do better. LOL. I wrote my first book which will probably never see the light of day in the early 90's. I wrote a series of a few books from it. I'm a series fan! I kept writing for fun, wrote MANY books and then in 2009 I decided to try to get published. I wrote my first Sci Fi romance and Ral's Woman came to be. I submitted it and with a little tweaking, Ellorascave sent me an acceptance letter. It was kind of a 'Cinderella' experience for me. It's been a terrific ride so far and I'm really happy that I finally had the time to commit to writing full time. It's a dream come true."


    New Species Series
    1. Fury (read by Vanessa Chambers)
    2. Slade (read by Vanessa Chambers)
    3. Valiant (read by Vanessa Chambers)
    4. Justice (read by Vanessa Chambers)
    5. Brawn (read by Vanessa Chambers)
    6. Wrath (read by Vanessa Chambers)
    7. Tiger (read by Vanessa Chambers)
    8. Obsidian (read by Vanessa Chambers)
    9. Shadow (read by Vanessa Chambers)
    10. Moon (read by Vanessa Chambers)
    11. True (read by Vanessa Chambers)
    12. Darkness (read by Vanessa Chambers)
    13. Smiley (read by Vanessa Chambers)
    14. Numbers (read by Vanessa Chambers)

    Cyborg Seduction Series
    15. Burning Up Flint (read by Mindy Kennedy)
    16. Kissing Steel (read by Mindy Kennedy)
    17. Melting Iron (read by Mindy Kennedy)
    18. Touching Ice (read by Mindy Kennedy)
    19. Stealing Coal (read by Mindy Kennedy)
    20. Redeeming Zorus (read by Mindy Kennedy)
    21. Taunting Krell (read by Mindy Kennedy)
    22. Haunting Blackie (read by Mindy Kennedy)
    23. Loving Deviant (read by Mindy Kennedy)
    24. Seducing Stag (read by Mindy Kennedy)

    Zorn Warriors Series
    25. Ral's Woman (read by Simone Lewis)
    26. Kidnapping Casey (read by Simone Lewis)
    27. Tempting Rever (read by Simone Lewis)
    28. Berr's Vow (read by Simone Lewis)
    29. Coto's Captive (read by Simone Lewis)

    Mating Heat Series
    30. Mate Set (read by G.C. VonCloudts)
    31. His Purrfect Mate (read by G.C. VonCloudts)
    32. Mating Brand (read by G.C. VonCloudts)

    VLG Series
    33. Drantos (read by Savannah Richards)
    34. Kraven (read by Savannah Richards)
    35. Lorn (read by Savannah Richards)
    36. Veso (read by Savannah Richards)
    37. Lavos (read by Savannah Richards)
    38. Wen (read by Savannah Richards)
    39. Aveoth (read by Savannah Richards)
    40. Creed (read by Savannah Richards)
    41. Glacier (read by Savannah Richards)
    42. Redson (read by Savannah Richards)

    Vorge Crew Series
    43. Cathian (read by Callie Dalton)
    44. Dovis (read by Summer Roberts)
    45. York (read by Samantha Summers)
    46. Raff (read by Ryan West)

    Riding the Raines Series
    47. Propositioning Mr Raine (read by Liz Chastain)
    48. Raine On Me (read by Liz Chastain)

    Nightwind Pack Series
    49. Claimed (read by Jessee Foudray)
    50. Shattered (read by Suzanne T. Fortin)

    Claws and Fangs Series
    51. Mine To Chase (read by Beth Lauffer)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Judy Riffe (Lexington, US)

    New Species Series & more by Laurann Dohner ~ 51 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

    JB (Havelock, US)
    New Species Series by Laurann Dohner

    The books are so good, what a great way to get all of series. The books are steamy and have quite a bit of action, tons of romance, paranormal at it's best.

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