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    Ghost Hunters Series & more by Amanda Quick ~ 66 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Amanda Quick Jayne Ann Krentz, née Jayne Castle, is an American writer of romance novels. Krentz is the author of a string of New York Times bestsellers under seven different pseudonyms. Now, she only uses three names. Under her married name she writes contemporary romantic-suspense. She uses Amanda Quick for her novels of historical romantic-suspense. She uses her maiden name for futuristic/paranormal romantic-suspense writing. Over 35 million copies of Krentz's novels are in print. With Sweet Starfire, she created the futuristic romance subgenre, and further expanded the boundaries of the genre in 1996 with Amaryllis, the first paranormal futuristic romantic suspense novel. She is an outspoken advocate for the romance genre and has been the recipient of the Susan Koppelman Award for Feminist Studies. Jayne Ann Castle was born in Cobb, California. She and her two brothers were raised by their mother, Alberta, in Borrego Springs for the first decade of Jayne's life. She earned a B.A in History at the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1970. Fearful that she would be unable to find a job using her degree, she elected to obtain her graduate degree in Library Science from San Jose State University. Immediately after graduation she married Frank Krentz, an engineer, whom she had met at San Jose State. The couple moved to the Virgin Islands, where Krentz worked for a year as an elementary school librarian, a time she refers to as "an unmitigated career disaster". Realizing that she enjoyed being a librarian but not the aspects of teaching that working in an elementary school required, Krentz moved into the higher levels of academia, including a stint in the Duke University library system. Krentz and her husband later moved to Seattle, Washington.


    Ghost Hunters Series
    1. After Dark (read by Joyce Bean)
    2. After Glow (read by Joyce Bean)
    3. Ghost Hunter (read by Laural Merlington)
    4. Silver Master (read by Joyce Bean)
    5. Dark Light (read by Joyce Bean)
    6. Obsidian Prey (read by Joyce Bean)
    7. Midnight Crystal (read by Tanya Eby)
    8. Canyons Of Night (read by Joyce Bean)
    9. The Lost Night (read by Joyce Bean)
    10. Deception Cove (read by Joyce Bean)
    11. The Hot Zone (read by Barbara Rosenblat)
    12. Siren's Call (read by Barbara Rosenblat)
    13. Illusion Town (read by Barbara Rosenblat)
    14. Guild Boss (read by Barbara Rosenblat)
    15. Sweetwater And The Witch (read by Barbara Rosenblat)

    St. Helen's Series
    16. Amaryllis (read by Tanya Eby)
    17. Zinnia (read by Tanya Eby)
    18. Orchid (read by Mary Peiffer)

    As Jayne Ann Krentz
    19. Twist Of Fate (read by Nellie Chalfant)
    20. Golden Chance (read by Franette Liebow, Patrick Lawlor)
    21. Silver Linings (read by Mary Peiffer)
    22. Sweet Fortune (read by Mary Peiffer)
    23. Family Man (read by Mary Peiffer)
    24. Perfect Partners (read by Mary Peiffer)
    25. Hidden Talents (read by Mary Peiffer)
    26. Wildest Hearts (read by Mary Peiffer)
    27. Grand Passion (read by Richard Ferrone)
    28. Trust Me (read by Richard Ferrone)
    29. Absolutely, Positively (read by Richard Ferrone)
    30. Deep Waters (read by Stephanie Diaz)
    31. Flash (read by Barbara Garrick)
    32. Sharp Edges (read by Stephanie Diaz)
    33. Eye Of The Beholder (read by Jen Taylor)
    34. Lost And Found (read by Sandra Burr)
    35. Soft Focus (read by D*ick Hill)
    36. Smoke In Mirrors (read by Aasne Vigesaa, James Daniels)
    37. All Night Long (read by Kathy Garver, David Colacci)

    Whispering Springs Series
    38. Light In Shadow (read by Joyce Bean)
    39. Truth Or Dare (read by Joyce Bean)

    Cutler, Sutter & Salinas Series
    40. When All The Girls Have Gone (read by Amanda Leigh Cobb)
    41. Promise Not To Tell (read by Susan Bennett)
    42. Untouchable (read by Amanda Leigh Cobb)

    Eclipse Bay Series
    43. Eclipse Bay (read by Joyce Bean)
    44. Dawn In Eclipse Bay (read by Joyce Bean)
    45. Summer In Eclipse Bay (read by Joyce Bean)

    The Lost Night Files Series
    46. Sleep No More (read by Eva Kaminsky)
    47. The Night Island (read by Eva Kaminsky)

    48. Serpent In Paradise (read by Amy McFadden)
    49. Raven's Prey (read by Amy McFadden)
    50. True Colors (read by Susie Berneis)
    51. River Road (read by Amanda Leigh Cobb)
    52. Legacy (read by Allyson Ryan)
    53. Trust No One (read by Amanda Leigh Cobb)
    54. Witchcraft (read by Lesa Lockford)
    55. The Ties That Bind (read by Laural Merlington)
    56. Secret Sisters (read by Amanda Leigh Cobb)
    57. Falling Awake (read by Amanda Leigh Cobb)
    58. A Woman's Touch (read by Paula Parker)
    59. Between The Lines (read by Amy Rubinate)
    60. Call It Destiny (AB read by Nanette Savard)
    61. Gambler's Woman (read by Alyson Silverman)
    62. Ghost Of A Chance (read by Aasne Vigesaa)
    63. Man With A Past (read by Angela Dawe)
    64. Shield's Lady (read by Natalie Ross)
    65. The Family Way (read by Amy Marc)
    66. Wizard (read by Ashley Adlon)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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