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    China Bayles Series & more by Susan Wittig Albert ~ 54 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Susan Wittig Albert (born January 2, 1940), also known by the pen names Robin Paige and Carolyn Keene, is an American mystery writer from Vermilion County, Illinois, United States. She currently resides in Bertram, Texas, near Austin, with her husband, Bill Albert. She is the author of the China Bayles herbal mysteries, a popular and acclaimed series centering around the title character's deductive reasoning and knowledge as an herbalist and ex-lawyer, who solves murders with her best friend, Ruby Wilcox, owner of a New Age shop. "China Bayles ... is a former corporate lawyer who grew tired of the rat race and left it behind in Houston. She has moved to the Texas hill country ... Despite the slower pace of life in Pecan Springs, Texas, China still manages to run across her share of murders."



    China Bayles Series
    1. Thyme Of Death (read by Julia Gibson)
    2. Witches' Bane (read by Julia Gibson)
    3. Hangman's Root (read by Julia Gibson)
    4. Rosemary Remembered (read by Julia Gibson)
    5. Rueful Death (read by Julia Gibson)
    6. Love Lies Bleeding (read by Julia Gibson)
    7. Chile Death (read by Susan Wittig Albert)
    8. Lavender Lies (read by Susan Wittig Albert)
    9. Mistletoe Man (read by Julia Gibson)
    10. Bloodroot (read by Julia Gibson)
    11. Indigo Dying (read by Julia Gibson)
    12. A Dilly Of A Death (read by Julia Gibson)
    13. Dead Man's Bones (read by Julia Gibson)
    14. Bleeding Hearts (read by Julia Gibson)
    15. Spanish Dagger (read by Julia Gibson)
    16. Nightshade (read by Julia Gibson)
    17. Wormwood (read by Julia Gibson)
    18. Holly Blues (read by Julia Gibson)
    19. Mourning Gloria (read by Julia Gibson)
    20. Cat's Claw (read by Julia Gibson)
    21. Window's Tears (read by Julia Gibson, Morgan Hallett)
    22. Death Come Quickly (read by Julia Gibson)
    23. Bittersweet (read by Julia Gibson)
    24. Blood Orange (read by Julia Gibson)
    25. The Last Chance Olive Ranch (read by Julia Gibson)
    26. Queen Anne's Lace (read by Julia Gibson, Linda Stephens)
    27. A Plain Vanilla Murder (read by Julia Gibson)
    28. Hemlock (read by Julia Gibson)

    The Darling Dahlias Series
    29. The Darling Dahlias And The Cucumber Tree (read by Peggy Price)
    30. The Darling Dahlias And The Naked Ladies (read by Peggy Price)
    31. The Darling Dahlias And The Confederate Rose (read by Peggy Price)
    32. The Darling Dahlias And The Texas Star (read by Peggy Price)
    33. The Darling Dahlias And The Silver Dollar Bush (read by Peggy Price)
    34. The Darling Dahlias And The Eleven O'Clock Lady (read by Peggy Price)
    35. The Darling Dahlias And The Unlucky Clover (read by Peggy Price)
    36. The Darling Dahlias And The Poinsettia Puzzle (read by Peggy Price)
    37. The Darling Dahlias And The Voodoo Lily (read by Peggy Price)
    38. The Darling Dahlias And The Red Hot Poker (read by Peggy Price)

    Victorian Mysteries Series / with Robin Paige
    39. Death At Bishop's Keep (read by Helen Johns)
    40. Death At Gallows Green (read by Helen Johns)
    41. Death At Daisy's Folly (read by Helen Johns)
    42. Death At Devil's Bridge (read by Helen Johns)
    43. Death At Rottingdean (read by Helen Johns)
    44. Death At Whitechapel (read by Helen Johns)
    45. Death At Epsom Downs (read by Helen Johns)
    46. Death At Dartmoor (read by Helen Johns)
    47. Death At Glamis Castle (read by Helen Johns)
    48. Death In Hyde Park (read by Helen Johns)
    49. Death At Blenheim Palace (read by Helen Johns)
    50. Death On The Lizard (read by Helen Johns)

    51. Someone Always Nearby (read by Maria McCann)
    52. Loving Eleanor (read by Karen White)
    53. The General's Women (read by Christine Williams)
    54. 54. NoBody

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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