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    Barsoom Series & more by Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ 45 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Edgar Rice Burroughs, (born September 1, 1875, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.—died March 19, 1950, Encino, California), American novelist whose Tarzan stories created a folk hero known around the world. Burroughs, the son of a wealthy businessman, was educated at private schools in Chicago, at the prestigious Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts (from which he was expelled), and at Michigan Military Academy, where he subsequently taught briefly. He spent the years 1897 to 1911 in numerous unsuccessful jobs and business ventures in Chicago and Idaho. Eventually he settled in Chicago with a wife and three children; he began writing advertising copy and then turned to fiction. The story “Under the Moons of Mars” appeared in serial form in the adventure magazine The All-Story in 1912 and was so successful that Burroughs turned to writing full-time. (The work was later novelized as A Princess of Mars [1917] and adapted as the film John Carter [2012].) The first Tarzan story appeared in 1912; it was followed in 1914 by Tarzan of the Apes, the first of 25 such books about the son of an English nobleman abandoned in the African jungle during infancy and brought up by apes. Burroughs created in Tarzan a figure that instantly captured the popular fancy, as did his many tales set on Mars. The Tarzan stories were translated into more than 56 languages and were also popular in comic-strip, motion-picture, television, and radio versions. In 1919, in order to be near the filming of his Tarzan movies, Burroughs bought an estate near Hollywood (at a site that would later be named Tarzana). He continued to write novels, ultimately publishing some 68 titles in all. During World War II he became a correspondent for the Los Angeles Times and at age 66 was the oldest war correspondent covering the South Pacific theatre.


    Barsoom Series
    1. A Princess Of Mars (read by John Bolen)
    2. The Gods Of Mars (read by John Bolen)
    3. The Warlord Of Mars (read by John Bolen)
    4. Thuvia, Maid Of Mars (read by John Bolen)
    5. The Chessmen Of Mars (read by John Bolen)
    6. The Master Mind Of Mars (read by Bill Wasley)
    7. A Fighting Man Of Mars (read by Harry Shaw)

    Tarzan Series
    8. Tarzan Of The Apes (read by Shelly Frasier)
    9. The Return Of Tarzan (read by Shelly Frasier)
    10. The Beasts Of Tarzan (read by Shelly Frasier)
    11. The Son Of Tarzan (read by Shelly Frasier)
    12. Tarzan And The Jewels Of Opar (read by Shelly Frasier)
    13. Jungle Tales Of Tarzan (read by Shelly Frasier)
    14. Tarzan The Untamed (read by Patrick Lawlor)
    15. Tarzan The Terrible (read by Rusty Nelson)
    16. Tarzan And The Golden Lion (read by David Stifel)
    17. Tarzan And The Ant Men (read by Ben Dooley)
    18. Tarzan, Lord Of The Jungle (read by Ben Dooley)
    19. Tarzan And The Lost Empire (read by Ben Dooley)
    20. Tarzan At The Earth's Core (read by Ben Dooley)
    21. Tarzan The Invincible (read by Ben Dooley)
    22. Tarzan Triumphant (read by Ben Dooley)
    23. Tarzan And The City Of Gold (read by Ben Dooley)
    24. Tarzan And The Lion Man (read by Ben Dooley)
    25. Tarzan And The Leopard Men (read by Ben Dooley)
    26. Tarzan's Quest (read by Ben Dooley)
    27. Tarzan And The Forbidden City (read by Ben Dooley)

    Pellucidar Series
    28. At The Earth's Core (read by Patrick Lawlor)
    29. Pellucidar (read by Patrick Lawlor)

    Caspak Series
    30. The Land That Time Forgot (read by Brian Holsopple)
    31. The People That Time Forgot (read by Brian Holsopple)
    32. Out Of Time's Abyss (read by Brian Holsopple)

    The Moon Trilogy
    33. The Moon Maid (read by Gene Engene)
    34. The Moon Men (read by Gene Engene)
    35. The Red Hawk (read by Gene Engene)

    Mucker Series
    36. The Mucker (read by Gene Engene)
    37. The Return Of The Mucker (read by Gene Engene)
    38. The Oakdale Affair (read by Gene Engene)

    39. Beyond The Farthest Star (read by Ben Dooley)
    40. Beyond Thirty (read by Lucy LeFarra)
    41. The Mad King (read by Delmar H. Dolbier)
    42. The Outlaw Of Torn (read by Susan Umpelby)
    43. The Cave Girl (read by Patrick Lawler)
    44. The Monster Men (read by David Stifel)
    45. The Efficiency Expert (read by Paul Woodson)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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