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    Elizabeth Ferrars ~ 56 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Born Morna Doris McTaggart in Rangoon, Burma of a Scottish father and an Irish-German mother, she grew up in England where she moved at age six. She attended Bedales school and then took a diploma in journalism at London University.
    Her first two novels, 'Turn Single' (1932) and 'Broken Music' (1934), came out under her own name, Morna McTaggart. In the early 1930s she married her first husband but she left him, moved to Belsize Park in London and lived with Dr Robert Brown, a lecturer in botany at Bedford College in 1942. She eventually divorced her first husband in October 1945 and married Dr, later Professor, Brown.
    It was in 1940 that her first crime novel 'Give a Corpse a Bad Name' was published under the pseudonymn that she had adopted, Elizabeth (sometimes Elizabeth X. - particularly in the USA) Ferrars, the Ferrars her mother's maiden name. This novel featured her young detective Toby Dyke, who was to feature in four other of her novels.
    When her husband was offered a post at Cornell University in the USA, the couple moved there but remained only a year before returning to Britain. They travelled with her husband's work, on one occasion visiting Adelaide when he was a visiting professor at the University of South Australia, and later moved to Edinburgh where her husband was appointed Regius Professor of Botany and they lived in the city until 1977 when, on her husband's retirement, they moved to Blewsbury in Oxfordshire where they lived until her sudden death in 1995.
    She continued to write a crime novel almost every year and in 1953 she was a founding member of the Crime Writers' Association of which she later became chairperson in 1977.
    As well as her short series of works featuring Toby Dyke, she wrote a series featuring retired botanist Andrew Basnett and another series featuring a semi-estranged married couple, Virginia and Felix Freer. All in all she wrote over seventy novels, her final one 'A Thief in the Night' being published posthumously.
    Jacques Barzun and Wendell Hertig Taylor described her as having "a sound enough grasp of motives and human relations and a due regard for probability and technique, but whose people and plot are so standard"


    Andrew Basnett Series
    1. Something Wicked (read by James Saxon)
    2. Root Of All Evil (read by John Hendry)
    3. The Crime And The Crystal (read by Graham Roberts)
    4. The Other Devil's Name (read by John Hendry)
    5. A Murder Too Many (read by Nigel Graham)
    6. Smoke Without Fire (read by George Hagen)
    7. A Hobby Of Murder (read by Gene Foad)
    8. A Choice Of Evils (read by Garard Greene)

    Virginia and Felix Freer Mysteries Series
    9. Last Will And Testament (read by Diana Bishop)
    10. Frog In The Throat (read by Diana Bishop)
    11. Thinner Than Water (read by Jane Asher)
    12. Death Of A Minor Character (read by Patricia Gallimore)
    13. I Met Murder (read by Frances Jeater)
    14. Woman Slaughter (read by Frances Jeater)
    15. Sleep Of The Unjust (read by Jacqueline King)
    16. Beware Of The Dog (read by Diana Bishop)

    Toby Dyke Series
    17. Give A Corpse A Bad Name (read by Christopher Scott)
    18. Remove The Bodies (read by Jeremy Sinden)
    19. Murder Of A Suicide (read by Garard Green)
    20. Don't Monkey With Murder (read by Raymond Sawyer)
    21. Neck In A Noose (read by Grahame Roberts)

    Police Chief Raposo Series
    22. Skeleton Staff (read by Sheila Mitchell)

    23. The Doubly Dead (read by Hugh Walters)
    24. The March Hare Murders (read by Eleanor Bron)
    25. A Thief In The Night (read by Jilly Bond)
    26. Murder Anonymous (read by John Hendry)
    27. The Small World Of Murder (read by Elizabeth Henry)
    28. The Seven Sleepers (read by Garard Greene)
    29. Ninth Life (read by Jan Francis)
    30. The Sleeping Dogs (read by Angela Down)
    31. With Murder In Mind (read by Norma West)
    32. Murder Moves In (read by Frances Jeater)
    33. A Legal Fiction (read by Cameron Stewart)
    34. Alibi For A Witch (read by Di Langford)
    35. Alive And Dead (read by Patricia Gallimore)
    36. Always Say Die (read by Gwen Watford)
    37. Answer Came There None (read by Norma West)
    38. Blood Flies Upwards (read by Julia Franklyn)
    39. Come And Be Killed (read by Beverley Dunn)
    40. Danger From The Dead (read by David Graham)
    41. Drowned Rat (read by Frances Jeater)
    42. Enough To Kill A Horse (read by David Graham)
    43. Experiment With Death (read by Anne Dover)
    44. Furnished For Murder (read by Patricia Gallimore)
    45. Hunt The Tortoise (read by Julia Franklyn)
    46. Murder In Time (read by Richard Mitchley)
    47. Skeleton In Search Of A Cupboard (read by Celia Gordon)
    48. The Clock That Wouldn't Stop (read by Rowena Cooper)
    49. The Swaying Pillars (read by Norma West)
    50. The Wandering Windows (read by Gordon Griffin)
    51. Trial By Fury (read by Gwen Cherrell)
    52. Witness Before The Fact (read by Raymond Sawyer)
    53. Zero To The Bone (read by Jacqueline King )
    54. Breath Of Suspicion (read by Nigel Graham)
    55. No Peace For The Wicked (read by Jan Chappell)
    56. The Pretty Pink Shroud (read by Sheila Mitchell)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.




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