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    A New York Times bestselling author, Olsen has written seven nonfiction books, two novels, and contributed a short story to a collection edited by Lee Child.


    Sheriff Detective Kendall Stark Series
    1. Victim Six (read by Terry Rose)
    2. Closer Than Blood (read by Terry Rose)

    Nicole Foster Thriller Series
    3. The Sound Of Rain (read by Karen Peakes)
    4. The Weight Of Silence (read by Karen Peakes)

    Detective Megan Carpenter Series
    5. Snow Creek (read by Patricia Rodriguez)
    6. Water's Edge (read by Karen Peakes)
    7. Silent Ridge (read by Karen Peakes)

    Waterman and Stark Series
    8. The Girl In The Woods (read by Corey Snow)
    9. Now That She's Gone (read by Corey Snow)
    10. Just Try To Stop Me (read by Corey Snow)

    Empty Coffin Series
    11. Envy (read by Julia Whelan)
    12. Betrayal (read by Julia Whelan)

    Emily Kenyon Series
    13. A Cold Dark Place (read by Kevin Foley)
    14. Heart Of Ice (read by Kevin Foley)

    Notorious USA Series
    15. Gregg Olsen, Rebecca Morris - The Deadly Daughter-In-Law (read by Kevin Pierce)
    16. Gregg Olsen, Rebecca Morris - Her Lover's Wife (read by Kevin Pierce)
    17. Katherine Ramsland - The Corridor Killer (read by Kevin Pierce)
    18. Caitlin Rother - Kill Him Some More (read by Kevin Pierce)
    19. Gregg Olsen, Rebecca Morris - The Stranger And The World's Bravest Little Girl (read by Kevin Pierce)
    20. Gregg Olsen, Katherine Ramsland - Strangers In The Night (read by Kevin Pierce)
    21. Gregg Olsen, Katherine Ramsland - Many Secrets, Many Graves (read by Kevin Pierce)
    22. Gregg Olsen, Katherine Ramsland - Heartless (read by Kevin Pierce)
    23. Gregg Olsen, Katherine Ramsland - Cold Blooded (read by Kevin Pierce)
    24. Gregg Olsen, Rebecca Morris, Kevin M. Sullivan - The Death Of A Cheerleader (read by Kevin Pierce)
    25. Ron Franscell, Rebecca Morris - Evil At The Front Door (read by Kevin Pierce)
    26. Gregg Olsen, Katherine Ramsland - The Murder Game (read by Kevin Pierce)
    27. Gregg Olsen, Rebecca Morris, Stephanie Cook - Black Widow In A Pure White Dress (read by Kevin Pierce)
    28. Katherine Ramsland - Garden State Thrill Killers (read by Kevin Pierce)
    29. Katherine Ramsland - Crimes Of The Century (read by Kevin Pierce)
    30. Gregg Olsen, Rebecca Morris - The Girl And The Horrors Of Howard Avenue (read by Kevin Pierce)
    31. Gregg Olsen, Kevin M. Sullivan - Angel Of Death (read by Kevin Pierce)
    32. Caitlin Rother - A Complicated Woman (read by Kevin Pierce)
    33. Gregg Olsen, Ron Franscell - Nightmare At Noon (read by Kevin Pierce)
    34. Gregg Olsen, Rebecca Morris - Fundamental Love (read by Kevin Pierce)
    35. Gregg Olsen, Rebecca Morris - The Boy Who Fired The First Shot (read by Kevin Pierce)
    36. Gregg Olsen, Katherine Ramsland - Under The Light Of The Moon (read by Kevin Pierce)
    37. Gregg Olsen, Rebecca Morris - Bodies Of Evidence (read by Kevin Pierce)
    38. Gregg Olsen, Katherine Ramsland - Darkest Waters (read by Kevin Pierce)
    39. Gregg Olsen, Rebecca Morris - Overkill (read by Kevin Pierce)
    40. Gregg Olsen, Katherine Ramsland, Rebecca Morris - Dangerous Dozen (read by Kevin Pierce)
    41. Gregg Olsen, Rebecca Morris, Ron Franscell, Stephanie Cook - Southern Fried Crime (read by Kevin Pierce)
    42. Gregg Olsen, Caitlin Rother - Love Gone Wrong (read by Kevin Pierce)
    43. Gregg Olsen, Katherine Ramsland - Heartland Horrors (read by Kevin Pierce)
    44. Gregg Olsen, Kevin M. Sullivan - Unnatural Causes (read by Kevin Pierce)
    45. Gregg Olsen, Rebecca Morris, Kathryn Casey - The Lone Star Love Triangle (read by Kevin Pierce)

    46. The Hive (read by Karen Peakes)
    47. If You Tell (read by Karen Peakes)
    48. The Fear Collector (read by Karen Peakes)
    49. The Last Thing She Ever Did (read by Karen Peakes)
    50. Lying Next To Me (read by P.J. Ochlan, Karen Peakes, Katie Koster)
    51. A Wicked Snow (read by Kevin Foley)
    52. If Loving You Is Wrong (read by Kathleen Godwin)
    53. A Twisted Faith (read by Dennis Boutsikaris)
    54. Shocking True Story (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    55. Bitter Almonds (read by Kevin Pierce)
    56. The Deep Dark (read by L.J. Ganser)
    57. Abandoned Prayers (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    58. Bitch On Wheels (read by Kevin Pierce)
    59. The Infamous Drag Queen Killer (read by Karen Peakes)
    60. If I Can't Have You (read by Kevin Pierce, Laural Merlington)
    61. Starvation Heights (read by Jennifer van Dyck)

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    - The tracks are handled in the same way that you would handle the songs through iTunes.

    - The number of discs varies by each title, although generally it goes in a single disc.

     - The AudioDVD format is not the same as traditional CDs and does not work on CD players. Please be sure to use one of the players mentioned above.

    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.


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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.

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