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    After series & more by William R. Forstchen ~ 28 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    William R. Forstchen (born October 11, 1950 in Millburn, New Jersey) is an American historian and author who began publishing in 1978 as a contributor to Boys' Life. He is a Professor of History and Faculty Fellow at Montreat College, in Montreat, North Carolina. He received his doctorate from Purdue University, studying under the historian Professor Gunther E. Rothenberg, with specializations in Military History, the American Civil War and the History of Technology. Forstchen is the author of more than forty books, including the award winning We Look Like Men of War, a young adult novel about an African-American regiment that fought at the Battle of the Crater, which is based upon his doctoral dissertation, The 28th USCTs: Indiana's African-Americans go to War, 1863–1865 Forstchen's writing efforts have, in recent years, shifted towards historical fiction, non fiction and technological issues. In 2002 he started the ""Gettysburg"" trilogy with former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich; the trilogy consists of Gettysburg, Grant Comes East, and Never Call Retreat. More recently, they have published two works on the events leading up to Pearl Harbor and immediately after that attack Pearl Harbor, and Days of Infamy. They wrote three novels on the American Revolution starting with the publication in 2009 of ""To Try Men's Souls,"" a novel about Washington's crossing of the Delaware and Tom Paine's writing ""The American Crisis,"" In 2010 they released a novel about Valley Forge and the Battle of Monmouth Court House. In 2011, Forstchen's doctoral dissertation on the 28th United States Colored Troops and their role at the Battle of the Crater, July 30, 1864, became the basis for a Civil War historical novel ""To Set Men Free."" Their last work in the series on the Revolution, Yorktown"" was published in 2012. In March 2009, Dr. Forstchen's novel, One Second After (Tor/Forge/St. Martin's books) was released and immediately reached the New York Times best seller list where it remained for twelve weeks. Based upon several years of intensive research and interviews, it examines what might happen in a ""typical"" American town in the wake of an attack on the United States with “electro-magnetic pulse” (EMP) weapons. Similar in plotting to books such as On the Beach and Alas, Babylon, One Second After is set in a small college town in western North Carolina and is a cautionary tale of the collapse of social order in the wake of an EMP strike. The book was cited on the floor of Congress and before the House Armed Services Committee by Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD), chair of the House Committee tasked to evaluate EMP weapons, as a realistic portrayal of the potential damage rendered by an EMP attack on the continental United States.


    After series
    1. One Second After (read by Joe Barrett)
    2. One Year After (read by Bronson Pinchot)
    3. The Final Day (read by Bronson Pinchot)

    Lost Regiment Series
    4. Rally Cry (read by Patrick Lawlor)
    5. Union Forever (read by Patrick Lawlor)
    6. Terrible Swift Sword (read by Patrick Lawlor)
    7. Fateful Lightning (read by Patrick Lawlor)
    8. Battle Hymn (read by Patrick Lawlor)
    9. Never Sound Retreat (read by Patrick Lawlor)
    10. A Band Of Brothers (read by Patrick Lawlor)
    11. Men Of War (read by Patrick Lawlor)
    12. Down To The Sea (read by Patrick Lawlor)

    Ice Prophet Series
    13. Ice Prophet (read by Elijah Alexander)
    14. The Flame Upon The Ice (read by Elijah Alexander)
    15. A Darkness Upon The Ice (read by Elijah Alexander)

    Gettysburg Series / with Newt Gingrich
    16. Gettysburg (read by Tom Stechschulte)
    17. Grant Comes East (read by Boyd Gaines)
    18. Never Call Retreat (read by Boyd Gaines)

    Pearl Harbor Series / with Newt Gingrich
    19. Pearl Harbor (read by William Dufris)
    20. Days Of Infamy (read by William Dufris)

    Revolutionary War Series / with Newt Gingrich
    21. To Try Men's Souls (read by William Dufris,Callista Gingrich)
    22. Valley Forge (read by William Dufris, Callista Gingrich)
    23. Victory At Yorktown (read by William Dufris)

    24. 48 Hours (read by Bronson Pinchot)
    25. We Look Like Men Of War (read by Andrew L. Barnes)
    26. To Make Men Free (read by William Dufris)
    27. Pillar To The Sky (read by Grover Gardner)
    28. Day Of Wrath (read by Bronson Pinchot)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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