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    Elemental Masters Series & more by Mercedes Lackey ~ 44 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Mercedes LackeyMercedes "Misty" Lackey (born June 24, 1950) is a best-selling American author of fantasy novels. Many of her novels and trilogies are interlinked and set in the world of Velgarth, mostly in and around the country of Valdemar. Her Valdemar novels form a complex tapestry of interaction between human and non-human protagonists with many different cultures and social mores. Her other main world is one much like our own; but it includes clandestine populations of elves, mages, vampires, and other mythical beings. The Bedlam's Bard books describe a young man with the power to work incredible magics through music; the SERRAted Edge books are about racecar-driving elves; and the Diana Tregarde thrillers center on a Wiccan who combats evil. Lackey was born in Chicago, an event that prevented her father from being called to serve in the Korean War. She places her meeting with science fiction at age 10 or 11, when she happened to pick up her father's copy of James H. Schmitz's Agent of Vega. She then read Andre Norton's Beast Master and Lord of Thunder and continued to read all of Norton's works—Lackey noted with chagrined amusement the difficulties of obtaining enough interesting books from the public library to sate her passion for reading. She wrote for herself but without real direction or purpose until she attended Purdue University. Lackey graduated from Purdue in 1972. While at Purdue, she took a one-on-one class of English Literature Independent Studies with a professor who was a fellow science fiction fan. He helped her analyze books she enjoyed and then use that knowledge. Lackey then encountered fan fiction, which further encouraged her writing. She began publishing work in science fiction fanzines and then discovered filk and had some filk lyrics published by Off Centaur Publications.


    Elemental Masters Series
    1.The Fire Rose (read by Kate Black-Regan)
    2.The Serpent's Shadow (read by Michelle Ford)
    3.The Gates Of Sleep (read by Kayla Fell)
    4.Phoenix And Ashes (read by Michelle Ford)
    5.The Wizard Of London (read by Michelle Ford)
    6.Reserved For The Cat (read by Mirabai Galashan)
    7.Unnatural Issue (read by Kate Reading)
    8.Home From The Sea (read by Kate Reading)
    9.Steadfast (read by Carmela Corbett)
    10.Blood Red (read by Tamara Marston)
    11.From A High Tower (read by Jennifer van Dyck)
    12.A Study In Sable (read by Gemma Dawson)
    13.A Scandal In Battersea (read by Gemma Dawson)
    14.The Bartered Brides (read by Gemma Dawson)

    The Founding of Valdemar Series
    15.Beyond (read by Paul Woodson)

    Dragon Prophecy Series / with James Mallory
    16.Crown Of Vengeance (read by Kate Rudd, Christopher Lane)
    17.Blade Of Empire (read by Kate Rudd, Christopher Lane)

    Hunter Series
    18.Hunter (read by Amy Landon)
    19.Elite (read by Amy Landon)
    20.Apex (read by Amy Landon)

    Obsidian Universe Series / with James Mallory
    21.The Outstretched Shadow (read by Susan Ericksen)
    22.To Light A Candle (read by Susan Ericksen)
    23.When Darkness Falls (read by Susan Ericksen)
    24.The Phoenix Unchained (read by William Dufris)
    25.The Phoenix Endangered (read by William Dufris)
    26.The Phoenix Transformed (read by William Dufris)

    Halfblood Chronicles Series / with Andre Norton
    27.The Elvenbane (read by Aasne Vigesaa)
    28.The Elvenblood (read by Aasne Vigesaa)
    29.The Elvenborn (read by Anne Flosnik)

    Five Hundred Kingdoms Series
    30.The Fairy Godmother (read by Gabra Zackman)
    31.One Good Knight (read by Gabra Zackman)
    32.Fortune's Fool (read by Gabra Zackman)
    33.The Snow Queen (read by Gabra Zackman)
    34.The Sleeping Beauty (read by Gabra Zackman)
    35.Beauty And The Werewolf (read by Gabra Zackman)

    Dragon Jousters Series
    36.Joust (read by Ryan Burke)
    37.Alta (read by Ryan Burke)
    38.Sanctuary (read by Ryan Burke)
    39.Aerie (read by Ryan Burke)

    The Secret World Chronicles Series / with Steve Libbey, Cody Martin, Dennis Lee, Veronica Giguere
    40.Invasion (read by Nick Sullivan)
    41.World Divided (read by Nick Sullivan)
    42.Revolution (read by Nick Sullivan)
    43.Collision (read by Nick Sullivan)
    44.Avalanche (read by Nick Sullivan)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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    Elemental Masters Series & more by Mercedes Lackey ~ 44 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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