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    John Keller Series & more by Lawrence Block ~ 60 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Lawrence Block (born June 24, 1938) is an acclaimed contemporary American crime writer best known for two long-running New York–set series, about the recovering alcoholic P.I. Matthew Scudder and gentleman burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr, respectively. Block was named a Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America in 1993. Born in Buffalo, N.Y., Lawrence Block attended Antioch College in Yellow Springs, OH, but left before graduating. His earliest work, published pseudonymously in the 1950s, was mostly in the porn paperback industry, an apprenticeship he shared with fellow mystery author Donald E. Westlake. The first of his "own" work to appear was the 1957 story "You Can't Lose." He has since published more than fifty novels and more than a hundred short stories, as well as a series of books for writers. Block has lived in New York City for decades, setting most of his fiction there, and has come to be very closely associated with the city. He is married to Lynne Block, and has three daughters, Amy Reichel, Jill Block and Alison Pouliot, from an earlier marriage. With Lynne, he spends much of his time traveling (the two have been to 135 countries), but continues to consider New York his home. In 2005 he was honored with the Gumshoe Lifetime Achievement Award.


    John Keller Series
    1. Hit Man (read by Robert Forster)
    2. Hit List (read by Lawrence Block)
    3. Hit Parade (read by Lawrence Block)
    4. Hit And Run (read by Richard Poe)
    5. Hit Me (read by Richard Poe)
    6. Keller's Fedora (read by Lawrence Block)

    Evan Tanner Series
    7. The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep (read by Theo Holland)
    8. The Canceled Czech (read by Alan Sklar)
    9. Tanner's Twelve Swingers (read by Theo Holland)
    10. The Scoreless Thai (read by Theo Holland)
    11. Tanner's Tiger (read by Theo Holland)
    12. Tanner's Virgin (read by Theo Holland)
    13. Me Tanner, You Jane (read by Theo Holland)
    14. Tanner On Ice (read by Theo Holland)

    Chip Harrison Series
    15. No Score (read by Gregory Gorton)
    16. Chip Harrison Scores Again (read by Gregory Gorton)
    17. Make Out With Murder (read by Gregory Gorton)
    18. The Topless Tulip Caper (read by Gregory Gorton)

    Paul Kavanagh Series
    19. Such Men Are Dangerous (read by Fred Sullivan)
    20. The Triumph Of Evil (read by Alan Sklar)

    As Jill Emerson
    21. Grifter's Game (read by Alan Sklar)
    22. Warm And Willing (read by Emily Beresford)
    23. A Diet Of Treacles (read by Christian Conn)
    24. Killing Castro (read by Henry Leyva)
    25. The Girl With The Long, Green Heart (read by Alan Sklar)
    26. Getting Off (read by Lily Bask)
    27. Lucky At Cards (read by Alan Sklar)
    28. Shadows (read by P.J. Morgan)
    29. A Madwoman's Diary (read by P.J. Morgan)
    30. Thirty (read by Emily Beresford)

    31. Hunting Buffalo With Bent Nails (read by Peter Berkrot)
    32. The Girl With The Long Green Heart (read by Alan Sklar)
    33. Grifter's Game (read by Alan Sklar)
    34. Collectibles (read by Peter Berkrot, Teri Schnaubelt)
    35. At Home In The Dark (read by Peter Berkrot, Teri Schnaubelt)
    36. Spider, Spin Me A Web (read by Richard M. Neer)
    37. Telling Lies For Fun And Profit (read by Lawrence Block)
    38. The Darkling Halls Of Ivy (read by Peter Berkrot, Teri Schnaubelt)
    39. The Crime Of Our Lives (read by Richard M. Neer)
    40. The Liar's Companion (read by Mark Bonner)
    41. Catch And Release (read by Lawrence Block, Lynne Block)
    42. Borderline (read by Mike Dennis)
    43. Ronald Rabbit Is A Dirty Old Man (read by Theo Holland)
    44. Writing The Novel (read by Mike Dennis)
    45. Sin Hellcat (read by Theo Holland)
    46. Cinderella Sims (read by P.J. Morgan)
    47. Passport To Peril (read by P.J. Morgan)
    48. Deadly Honeymoon (read by Alan Sklar)
    49. Sometimes They Bite And Other Stories (read by Bruce Weitz)
    50. In Sunlight Or In Shadow (read by various)
    51. You Could Call It Murder (read by Peter Berkrot)
    52. Terror's Echo (read by John Bedford Lloyd)
    53. Coward's Kiss (read by Peter Berkrot)
    54. After The First Death (read by Peter Berkrot)
    55. Ariel (read by Alexandra O'Karma)
    56. Enough Rope (read by Alan Sklar)
    57. Small Town (read by George Guidall)
    58. One Night Stands And Lost Weekends (read by Scott Brick, Mike Chamberlain, Robert Foster, John H. Mayer)
    59. The Liar's Bible (read by Robert Sams)
    60. Defender Of The Innocent(read by Don Sobczak)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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