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    Star Force: Phase 2 Series & more by Aer-ki Jyr ~ 65 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Aer-ki JyrAer-ki Jyr is the penname of the creator of the Star Force franchise. The name is actually his ‘Jedi name’ that he stole from a character of his own creation in “Kotor 3: The Way of the Jedi”…an incomplete fanfiction extention of the Star Wars universe set approximately 700 years after the battle of Endor. Jyr never finished the huge storyline, but wrote the equivalent of a novel’s worth of content that included a 700 year old Luke skywalker and a 4000 year old Revan meeting up in face of an extragalactic invasion that was bound to spur an even greater conflict. As popular as the story was, he found a greater audience in his Stargate fanfic known as ROTA (Return of the Ancients) and went on to write one and a half seasons of episodes in it that equaled 3 long novels.


    Star Force: Phase 2 Series
    1. Earth Evacuation (read by Stephen Day)
    2. Mak'to'ran (read by Stephen Day)
    3. Mak'to'ran 2 (read by Stephen Day)
    4. Mak'to'ran 3 (read by Stephen Day)
    5. Mak'to'ran 4 (read by Stephen Day)
    6. Mak'to'ran 5 (read by Stephen Day)
    7. Endless Crusade (read by Josh Cates)
    8. Lost Destiny (read by Kristin James)
    9. Evasion (read by Kristin James)
    10. Persistent Ravage (read by Kristin James)
    11. The Admiral (read by Stephen Day)
    12. Ice Queen (read by Kristin James)
    13. Uriti Strike (read by Stephen Day)
    14. Return To Earth (read by Stephen Day)
    15. Rift (read by Stephen Day)
    16. Excalibur (read by Stephen Day)
    17. Scorpion (read by Stephen Day)
    18. Baron (read by Stephen Day)
    19. Summit (read by Stephen Day)
    20. The Dinosaur War (read by Stephen Day)
    21. Equity (read by Stephen Day)
    22. Fracture (read by Stephen Day)
    23. Forsaken (read by Stephen Day)
    24. Instinct (read by Stephen Day)
    25. Dominance (read by Stephen Day)
    26. Essence (read by Stephen Day)
    27. Dawn Of The Apocalypse (read by Stephen Day)
    28. Uriti Tamer (read by Stephen Day)
    29. Ysalamir (read by Stephen Day)
    30. Lurker (read by Stephen Day)
    31. Extirpation (read by Stephen Day)
    32. Vargemma (read by Stephen Day)
    33. Spawn Of The Lightside (read by Stephen Day)
    34. Legacy Of The Ancients (read by Stephen Day)
    35. Clash Of The Demigods (read by Stephen Day)
    36. Keyholders (read by Stephen Day)
    37. Phoenix (read by Stephen Day)
    38. Galactic Empire Revealed (read by Stephen Day)
    39. LITrpg (read by Stephen Day)
    40. First Contact Fallout (read by Stephen Day)
    41. The Forbidden Space Fleet (read by Stephen Day)
    42. Death Mark (read by Stephen Day)
    43. Atonement (read by Stephen Day)
    44. The Forever Empire (read by Stephen Day)
    45. Captains Mint (read by Stephen Day)
    46. The Powers That Be (read by Stephen Day)
    47. Symbiosis (read by Stephen Day)
    48. Capitulation (read by Stephen Day)
    49. Carnage (read by Stephen Day)
    50. Metamorphosis (read by Stephen Day)
    51. Point Zero (read by Stephen Day)
    52. Maty (read by Stephen Day)
    53. Whitmore Day (read by Stephen Day)
    54. Enlightenment (read by Stephen Day)
    55. Reclaimers (read by Stephen Day)
    56. Blue Blades (read by Stephen Day)
    57. Blood On The Stars (read by Stephen Day)
    58. Reignor (read by Stephen Day)
    59. Temple Wars (read by Stephen Day)
    60. Gateways (read by Stephen Day)
    61. Deus Ex (read by Stephen Day)

    Wayward Trilogy
    62. Wayward Trilogy 1-3 (read by Kristin James)

    Gauntlet Wars Series
    63. Gauntlet Wars (read by Stephen Day)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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