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    Fixit Adventures Series & more by Erik Schubach ~ 51 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Erik Schubach "I got my start writing romance novels by accident. I have always been drawn to strong female characters in books, like Honor Harrington. And I also believe that there is a lack of LGBT characters in media. So one day I came up with a story idea that combines the two... two days later I completed the manuscript for Music of the Soul. My writing style may not be the most professional nor grammatically correct, but I never profess to be an English major, just a person that wants to share a story. I maintain that my primary language is sarcasm.Each of my books features strong likeable female characters that are flawed. I think that flaws and emotional or physical scars make us human and give us more character than simply conforming to some "social norm".


    Fixit Adventures Series
    1. Fixit (read by Hollie Jackson)
    2. Glitch (read by Hollie Jackson)
    3. Vashon (read by Hollie Jackson)
    4. Descent (read by Hollie Jackson)
    5. Sedition (read by Hollie Jackson)

    New Sentinels Series
    6. Djinn: Cursed (read by Allyson Voller)
    7. Raven Maid: Out Of The Darkness (read by Allyson Voller)
    8. Fate: No Strings Attached (read by Allyson Voller)
    9. Open Seas: Just Add Water (read by Allyson Voller)
    10. Ghost-Ish: Lazarus (read by Allyson Voller)
    11. Anubis: Death's Mistress (read by Allyson Voller)

    Emily Monroe Is not the Chosen One Series
    12. Night Shift (read by Hollie Jackson)
    13. Unchosen (read by Hollie Jackson)
    14. Re-Chosen (read by Hollie Jackson)

    The Pike Series
    15. Ships In The Night (read by Allyson Voller)
    16. Right To Remain Silent (read by Allyson Voller)
    17. Evermore (read by Allyson Voller)
    18. New Beginnings (read by Allyson Voller)

    Drakon Series
    19. Awakening (read by Hollie Jackson)

    Worldship Files Series
    20. Leviathan (read by Claire Buchignani)
    21. Firewyrm (read by Claire Buchignani)
    22. Cityships (read by Claire Buchignani)
    23. Morrigan (read by Jacqueline MacDonald)
    24. Changeling (read by Jacqueline MacDonald)
    25. Mutiny (read by Jacqueline MacDonald)

    Flotilla Series
    26. Making Waves (read by Claire Buchignani)
    27. Keeping Time (read by Allyson Voller)
    28. The Temp (read by Allyson Voller)
    29. Paying The Toll (read by Allyson Voller)

    The Paranormals Series
    30. Fleas (read by Sterling Mulbry)
    31. This Sucks (read by Sterling Mulbry)

    Tales From Olympus Series
    32. Gods Reunited (read by Hollie Jackson)

    Fracture Series
    33. Divergence (read by Hollie Jackson)

    Sparo Rising Series
    34. Blade Of Wexbury (read by Brenda McGinnis)
    35. Mason Of York (read by Brenda McGinnis)
    36. Hammer Of Flatlash (read by Brenda McGinnis)

    Shadow of the Scrolls Series
    37. Hell's Gate (read by Addison Barnes)
    38. Arcadia (read by Addison Barnes)

    April Series
    39. Facets Of April (read by Leslie Gray)

    Elfed In New York Series
    40. Intern (read by Jennifer Darnell)
    41. Riicathi (read by Jennifer Darnell)
    42. Magus (read by Jennifer Darnell)

    43. Snack Run (read by Hollie Jackson)
    44. Lost In The Woods (read by Mia DuBois)
    45. Scythe (read by Jessica Joens)
    46. Something Pretty (read by Jessica Joens)
    47. Rift Jumpers: Faster Than Light (read by Kristin James)
    48. A Little Favor (read by Allyson Voller)
    49. The Hollow (read by Hollie Jackson)
    50. The Bridge: Trolls (read by Hollie Jackson)
    51. The Bridge: Inner City Gargoyles (read by Hollie Jackson)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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    alvin stewart (Redford, US)
    motion books in general

    you asked about fixit series ,i only listened to book 1,so far .i have purchase over 200 books since my last review .i like to listen as my moods change,some days cozy books jane austen ,made for tv series such as murder she wrote ,spenser and jack reacher .urban fanasy such as allison brownstone.all are very good .i recommend these and more ,if new viewers are reading this for the first ,rest assure this company is wonderful and if you don not see what you want just ask they will find it. A.Stewart

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