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    Jeeves Series & more by P.G. Wodehouse ~ 62 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    P.G. WodehouseP.G. Wodehouse, in full Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, (born October 15, 1881, Guildford, Surrey, England—died February 14, 1975, Southampton, New York, U.S.), English-born comic novelist, short-story writer, lyricist, and playwright, best known as the creator of Jeeves, the supreme “gentleman’s gentleman.” He wrote more than 90 books and more than 20 film scripts and collaborated on more than 30 plays and musical comedies. Wodehouse was educated at Dulwich College, London, and, after a period in a bank, took a job as a humorous columnist on the London Globe (1902) and wrote freelance for many other publications. After 1909 he lived and worked for long periods in the United States and in France. He was captured in France by the Germans in 1940 and spent much of the war interned in Berlin. In 1941 he made five radio broadcasts from there to the United States in which he humorously described his experiences as a prisoner and subtly ridiculed his captors. His use of enemy broadcasting facilities evoked deep and lasting resentment in Britain, however, which was then practically under siege by Germany. After the war Wodehouse settled in the United States, becoming a citizen in 1955. He was knighted in 1975. Wodehouse began by writing public-school stories and then light romances. It was not until 1913 (in Something New; published in England as Something Fresh, 1915) that he turned to farce, which became his special strength. He had a scholar’s command of the English sentence. He delighted in vivid, far-fetched imagery and in slang. His plots are highly complicated and carefully planned. Whatever the dates of publication of his books, Wodehouse’s English social atmosphere is of the late Edwardian era. The young bachelor Bertie Wooster and his effortlessly superior manservant, Jeeves, were still together, their ages unadvanced, in Much Obliged, Jeeves (1971), though they first appeared in a story in The Man with Two Left Feet (1917).


    Jeeves Series
    1. The Man With Two Left Feet And Other Stories (read by Frederick Davidson)
    2. My Man Jeeves (read by Martin Jarvis)
    3. The Inimitable Jeeves (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    4. Carry On, Jeeves (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    5. Very Good, Jeeves (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    6. Thank You, Jeeves (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    7. Right Ho, Jeeves (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    8. The Code Of The Woosters (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    9. Jeeves In The Morning (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    10. Jeeves And Mating Season (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    11. Ring For Jeeves (read by Nigel Lambert)
    12. Jeeves And The Feudal Spirit (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    13. A Few Quick Ones (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    14. P G. Wodehouse - Jeeves In The Offing (read by Ian Carmichael)
    15. Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    16. Much Obliged, Jeeves (read by Dinsdale Landen)
    17. Aunts Aren't Gentlemen (read by Jonathan Cecil)

    18. Something Fresh (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    19. Leave It To Psmith (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    20. Blandings Castle (read by James Saxon)
    21. Summer Lightning (read by Martin Jarvis)
    22. Heavy Weather (read by Jeremy Sinden)
    23. Lord Emsworth And Others (read by Nigel Lambert)
    24. Uncle Fred In The Springtime (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    25. Full Moon (read by Jeremy Sinden)
    26. Pigs Have Wings (read by Jeremy Sinden)
    27. Service With A Smile (read by Martin Jarvis)
    28. Galahad At Blandings (read by Jeremy Sinden)
    29. A Pelican At Blandings (read by Nigel Lambert)
    30. Psmith In The City (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    31. Psmith Journalist (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    32. Meet Mr. Mulliner (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    33. Mr. Mulliner Speaking (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    34. Mulliner Nights (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    35. Young Men In Spats (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    36. Uncle Dynamite (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    37. Cocktail Time (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    38. Eggs, Beans And Crumpets (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    39. Love Among The Chickens (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    40. A Gentleman Of Leisure (read by Frederick Davidson)
    41. The Little Nugget (read by Frederick Davidson)
    42. Uneasy Money (read by Simon Vance)
    43. Piccadilly Jim (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    44. A Damsel In Distress (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    45. Indiscretions Of Archie (read by Frederick Davidson)
    46. The Clicking Of Cuthbert (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    47. The Adventures Of Sally (read by Frederick Davidson)
    48. Ukridge (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    49. The Heart Of A Goof (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    50. The Small Bachelor (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    51. Money For Nothing (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    52. Big Money (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    53. Doctor Sally (read by Paul Shelley)
    54. Hot Water (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    55. The Luck Of The Bodkins (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    56. Laughing Gas (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    57. Summer Moonshine (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    58. Pearls, Girls And Monty Bodkin (read by Jonathan Cecil)
    59. The Wacky World Of P.G. Wodehouse (read by Simon Cadell, Ian Carmichael, Michael Hordern, Richard Briers)
    60. Frozen Assets (read by Simon Vance)
    61. Money In The Bank (read by Simon Vance)
    62. Something New (read by B.J. Harrison)

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    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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