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    The Revelations Cycle Series & more by Mark Wandrey ~ 45 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Mark WandreyBestselling author of military sci-fi and zombie apocalypse, Mark Wandrey has been creating new worlds since he was old enough to hold a pen. Author of 15 novels and dozens of short stories, he has many more coming just this year! He's a 3 time DragonCon Award finalist as well. Don't miss the his newest 4HU book, A Pale Dawn, where the Mercenary Guild's vendetta comes to a head, and the retaking of Earth at long last begins. Coming soon - Black and White, the first 4HU Frontiers, a YA novel. Living the full time RV lifestyle as a modern day wanderer, Mark Wandrey has been writing science fiction since he was in grade school. He launched his professional career in 2004 with the release of Earth Song - Overture. Now, 15 years later, he has more than 18 books out, including an unbroken chain of 9 best sellers.


    The Revelations Cycle Series / with Chris Kennedy, Kevin Ikenberry, Kacey Ezell, Marisa Wolf, Eric S. Brown, Jason Brannon
    1. Mark Wandrey - Cartwright's Cavaliers (read by Craig Good)
    2. Chris Kennedy - Asbaran Solutions (read by E.M. Carberry)
    3. Mark Wandrey - Winged Hussars (read by Michael Hinton)
    4. Chris Kennedy - The Golden Horde (read by Michael Hinton)
    5. Various - A Fistful Of Credits (read by Craig Good)
    6. Kevin Ikenberry - Peacemaker (read by Anne James)
    7. Various - For A Few Credits More (read by Keith Michaelson)
    8. Various - The Good, The Bad, And The Merc (read by Michael Kramer)
    9. Eric S. Brown, Jason Brannon - CASPer Alamo (read by Jonathan Todd Ross)
    10. Chris Kennedy, Mark Wandrey - Alpha Contracts (read by Todd McLaren)
    11. Kacey Ezell, Marisa Wolf - Assassin (read by Traci Odom)
    12. Kevin Ikenberry - Honor The Threat (read by Anne James)

    The Omega War Series / with Chris Kennedy, Tim C. Taylor, Kevin Ikenberry, P.P. Corcoran, Jon R. Osborne, Robert E. Hampson, Sandra L. Medlock
    13. Mark Wandrey, Chris Kennedy - A Fiery Sunset (read by Todd McLaren)
    14. Tim C. Taylor - The Midnight Sun (read by Todd McLaren)
    15. Mark Wandrey, Chris Kennedy - Dark Moon Arisen (read by Todd McLaren)
    16. Kevin Ikenberry - Stand Or Fall (read by Todd McLaren)
    17. P.P. Corcoran - Sinclair's Scorpions (read by Todd McLaren)
    18. Mark Wandrey - Dirty Deeds (read by Todd McLaren)
    19. Jon R. Osborne - When The Axe Falls (read by Todd McLaren)
    20. Mark Wandrey, Chris Kennedy - A Pale Dawn (read by Todd McLaren)
    21. Chris Kennedy, Robert E. Hampson, Sandra L. Medlock - Do No Harm (read by Todd McLaren)
    22. Kevin Ikenberry - Deathangel (read by Todd McLaren)
    23. Mark Wandrey, Chris Kennedy, Jason Cordova - Sons Of The Lion (read by Todd McLaren)
    24. Mark Wandrey, Chris Kennedy - Alabaster Noon (read by Todd McLaren)

    Four Horsemen Tales Series / with Christopher Woods, Kacey Ezell, Mark Wandrey, Karl Spriggs, Doug Dandridge, Ian J. Malone
    25. Chris Kennedy - Shattered Crucible (read by Marc Vietor)
    26. Christopher Woods - Legend (read by Marc Vietor)
    27. Mark Wandrey, Kacey Ezell - Weaver (read by Cris Dukehart)
    28. Karl Spriggs - The Colchis Job (read by James Patrick Cronin)
    29. Various - Tales From The Lyon's Den (read by James Patrick Cronin, Dina Pearlman)
    30. Doug Dandridge - When Eagles Dare (read by James Patrick Cronin)
    31. Various - Luck Is Not A Factor (read by James Patrick Cronin, Dina Pearlman)
    32. Ian J. Malone - Free Bird Rising (read by James Patrick Cronin)
    33. Mark Wandrey, Chris Kennedy, Jonathan P. Brazee, Craig Martelle, Kevin Steverson, Terry Mixon, Josh Hayes, Scott Moon, Chris Fox, Kevin McLaughlin, Brian Niemeier, Nathan Hystad, Robert E. Hampson, A.K. DuBoff, Kacey Ezell - Hope Is Not A Strategy (read by James Patrick Cronin)
    34. Kacey Ezell, Marisa Wolf - Hunter (read by James Patrick Cronin)
    35. Chris Kennedy, Alex Rath - With Your Shield (read by James Patrick Cronin)
    36. Rob Howell - The Feeding Of Sorrows (read by James Patrick Cronin)
    37. Alex Rath - Spartan's Specialists (read by James Patrick Cronin)
    38. Kacey Ezell, Marisa Wolf, Jonathan P. Brazee, Jamie Ibson, Jon Osborne, Jody Lynn Nye, D.J. Butler, Joseph Capdepon, Mark Wandrey, Terry Mixon - Negotiation (read by James Patrick Cronin)
    39. Mark Wandrey - Jim Cartwright: Raknar Quest (read by James Patrick Cronin)

    The Frontiers Series / with David Alan Jones, Jon R. Osborne
    40. Mark Wandrey - Black And White (read by MacLeod Andrews)
    41. Mark Wandrey, David Alan Jones - Scholarship (read by MacLeod Andrews)
    42. Mark Wandrey, Jon R. Osborne - Bjorn (read by Johnathan McClain)

    Turning Point Series
    43. Mark Wandrey - A Time To Die (read by Craig Good)
    44. Mark Wandrey - A Time To Run (read by Craig Good)
    45. Mark Wandrey - A Time To Live (read by Craig Good)

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