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    Infinite Series & more by Jeremy Robinson ~ 73 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Jeremy RobinsonJeremy Robinson, also known as Jeremy Bishop and other pen names (born 1974), is a writer of adventure and sci-fi novels. He is also the author of the non-fiction title, The Screenplay Workbook (2003, Lone Eagle Press). Robinson was born in Beverly, Massachusetts, where he lived until he was 20. He now resides in New Hampshire with his wife and three children, where he works as a full-time writer. Robinson's career as a writer started out in comic books with several stints on indie comics. After that he wrote screenplays, several of which were produced, optioned or in development (including the screenplay version of The Didymus Contingency). His switch to book writing came with The Screenplay Workbook in 2003. He has since written several novels, which are available in ten languages, including the Chess Team series (including Pulse, Instinct, and Threshold) published by Thomas Dunne Books, an imprint of St. Martin's Press. Robinson is also the Director of New Hampshire AuthorFest, a non-profit organization promoting literacy in New Hampshire.


    Infinite Series
    1. Infinite (read by R.C. Bray)
    2. The Others (read by R.C. Bray)
    3. Flux (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    4. Tribe (read by R.C. Bray)
    5. NPC (read by Jeffrey Kafer, R.C. Bray)
    6. Exo-Hunter (read by R.C. Bray)
    7. The Dark (read by R.C. Bray)
    8. Mind Bullet (read by R.C. Bray)
    9. Torment (read by R.C. Bray)
    10. Infinite 2 (read by R.C. Bray)
    11. The Order (read by R.C. Bray)
    12. Khaos (read by R.C. Bray)
    13. Singularity (read by R.C. Bray)

    Jack Sigler/Chess Team Adventure Series
    14. Prime (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    15. Pulse (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    16. Instinct (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    17. Threshold (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    18. Ragnarok (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    19. Omega (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    20. Guardian (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    21. Savage (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    22. Cannibal (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    23. Patriot (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    24. Empire (read by Jeffrey Kafer)

    Chesspocalypse Series
    25. Callsign: King (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    26. Callsign: Tripleshot (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    27. Callsign: Doubleshot (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    28. Callsign: Deep Blue (read by Jeffrey Kafer)

    Origins Series
    29. The Didymus Contingency (read by R.C. Bray)
    30. Raising The Past (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    31. Beneath (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    32. Antarktos Rising (read by R.C. Bray)
    33. Kronos (read by Jeffrey Kafer)

    Nemesis Saga
    34. Island 731 (read by R.C. Bray)
    35. Project Nemesis (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    36. Project Maigo (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    37. Project 731 (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    38. Project Hyperion (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    39. Project Legion (read by Jeffrey Kafer)

    Antarktos Saga
    40. Descent (read by R.C. Bray)
    41. Pursuit (read by R.C. Bray)
    42. Ascent (read by R.C. Bray)
    43. Lament (read by R.C. Bray)
    44. Onslaught (read by R.C. Bray)

    Jane Harper Horror Series
    45. The Sentinel (read by Emily Beresford)
    46. The Raven (read by Emily Beresford)

    Jack Sigler: Continuum Series
    47. Guardian (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    48. Patriot (read by Jeffrey Kafer)

    Cerberus Group Series
    49. Herculean (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    50. Helios (read by Jeffrey Kafer)

    SecondWorld Series
    51. SecondWorld (read by Phil Gigante)
    52. Nazi Hunter: Atlantis (read by R.C. Bray)

    Refuge Series
    53. Refuge 1-5 Omnibus (read by Jeffrey Kafer)

    Hunger Series
    54. Hunger: The Complete Trilogy (read by Jeffrey Kafer)

    55. Human After All (read by R.C. Bray)
    56. Insomnia And Seven More Short Stories (read by Dan Delgado)
    57. Alter (read by Luke Daniels)
    58. The Divide (read by Christa Lewis)
    59. Tether (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    60. Viking Tomorrow (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    61. Unity (read by Julia Farmer)
    62. Space Force (read by Jeffrey Kafer, Emily Woo Zeller, Machelle Williams)
    63. Forbidden Island (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    64. Apocalypse Machine (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    65. The Distance (read by Jeffrey Kafer, Heather Costa)
    66. Xom-B (read by R.C. Bray)
    67. MirrorWorld (read by R.C. Bray)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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