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    Rylee Adamson Series & more by Shannon Mayer ~ 59 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Shannon MayerShannon Mayer lives in the southwestern tip of Canada with her husband and son, on a farm full of animals. She has a tendency to write stories that blend action, unexpected twists, and humor with a touch of romance that leaves readers on the edges of their seats. If you can't handle a bit of salty language and heart pounding moments that leave you gripping your kindle or book, you should probably leave now. #NoWiltingFlowersAllowed She is the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of numerous urban fantasy, paranormal romance and epic fantasy style books.



    Rylee Adamson Series
    1. Tracking Magic (read by Lauren Forgang)
    2. Priceless (read by Lauren Forgang)
    3. Immune (read by Emma Galvin)
    4. Raising Innocence (read by Emma Galvin)
    5. Shadowed Threads (read by Emma Galvin)
    6. Blind Salvage (read by Emma Galvin)
    7. Tracker (read by Emma Galvin)
    8. Veiled Threat (read by Emma Galvin)
    9. Wounded (read by Lauren Forgang)
    10. Rising Darkness (read by Lauren Forgang)
    11. Blood Of The Lost (read by Lauren Forgang)

    The Elemental Series
    12. Recurve (read by Lauren Forgang)
    13. Breakwater (read by Lauren Forgang)
    14. Firestorm (read by Lauren Forgang)
    15. Peta (read by Lauren Forgang)
    16. Windburn (read by Lauren Forgang)
    17. Rootbound (read by Lauren Forgang)
    18. Ash (read by Michael Axtell)
    19. Destroyer (read by Lauren Forgang)

    The Venom Trilogy
    20. Venom And Vanilla (read by Saskia Maarleveld)
    21. Fangs And Fennel (read by Saskia Maarleveld)
    22. Hisses And Honey (read by Saskia Maarleveld)

    Desert Cursed Series
    23. Witch's Reign (read by Lauren Forgang)
    24. Dragon's Ground (read by Lauren Forgang)
    25. Jinn's Dominion (read by Lauren Forgang)
    26. Oracle's Haunt (read by Lauren Forgang)
    27. Wyvern's Lair (read by Lauren Forgang)
    28. Emperor's Throne (read by Lauren Forgang)
    29. Kingdom Of Storms (read by Lauren Forgang)

    Nix Series
    30. Fury Of A Phoenix (read by Khristine Hvam)
    31. Blood Of A Phoenix (read by Khristine Hvam)
    32. Rise Of A Phoenix (read by Khristine Hvam)

    Questing Witch Series
    33. Aimless Witch (read by Khristine Hvam)
    34. Caravan Witch (read by Khristine Hvam)
    35. Maze Witch (read by Khristine Hvam)
    36. Elemental Witch (read by Khristine Hvam)

    Forty Proof Series
    37. Grave Magic Bounty (read by Lauren Forgang)
    38. Midlife Fairy Hunter (read by Lauren Forgang)
    39. Midlife Demon Hunter (read by Lauren Forgang)
    40. Midlife Ghost Hunter (read by Lauren Forgang)
    41. Midlife Zombie Hunter (read by Lauren Forgang)
    42. Midlife Witch Hunter (read by Lauren Forgang)
    43. Midlife Magic Hunter (read by Lauren Forgang)

    Shadowspell Academy Series / with K.F. Breene
    44. K.F. Breene - The Culling Trials (read by Khristine Hvam)
    45. K.F. Breene - The Culling Trials 2 (read by Khristine Hvam)
    46. K.F. Breene - The Culling Trials 3 (read by Khristine Hvam)
    47. Year Of The Chameleon 4 (read by Khristine Hvam)
    48. Year Of The Chameleon 5 (read by Khristine Hvam)
    49. Year Of The Chameleon 6 (read by Khristine Hvam)

    Honey and Ice Series / with Kelly St. Clare
    50. A Court Of Honey And Ash (read by Elizabeth Evans)
    51. A Throne Of Feathers And Bone (read by Elizabeth Evans)
    52. A Crown Of Petals And Ice (read by Elizabeth Evans)

    The Blood Borne Series
    53. Silver Staked (read by Khristine Hvam, Nicole Poole)

    Golden Wolf Series
    54. Stitched (read by Amy Landon)
    55. Glitter (read by Amy Landon)

    World of Honey and Ice Series
    56. Thorn Kissed And Silver Chains (read by Amanda Dolan)

    Alpha Territories Series
    57. Taken By Fate (read by Summer Roberts, Tyler Donne)
    58. Hunted By Fate (read by Summer Roberts, Tyler Donne)
    59. Claimed By Fate (read by Summer Roberts, Tyler Donne)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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