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    The Nero Wolfe Series by Rex Stout ~ 74 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    1. Fer-de-lance
    2. The League of Frightened Men
    3. The Rubber Band
    4. The Red Box
    5. Too Many Cooks
    6. Some Buried Caesar
    7. Over My Dead Body
    8. Where There's a Will
    9. Black Orchids
    10. Cordially Invited to Meet Death
    11. Not Quite Dead Enough
    12. Booby Trap
    13. The Silent Speaker
    14. Too Many Women
    15. And Be a Villain
    16. The Second Confession
    17. Before I Die (Trouble in Triplicate)
    18. Help Wanted Male (Trouble in Triplicate)
    19. Instead of Evidence (Trouble in Triplicate)
    20. In the Best Families
    21. Man Alive (Three Doors to Death)
    22. Omit Flowers (Three Doors to Death)
    23. Door to Death (Three Doors to Death)
    24. The Gun with Wings (Curtains for Three)
    25. Bullet for One (Curtains for Three)
    26. Disguise for Murder (Curtains for Three)
    27. Murder by the Book
    28. Prisoner's Base
    29. Home to Roost (Triple Jeopardy)
    30. The Cop-Killer (Triple Jeopardy)
    31. The Squirt and the Monkey (Triple Jeopardy)
    32. The Golden Spiders
    33. The Black Mountain
    34. Invitation to Murder (Three Men Out)
    35. The Zero Clue (Three Men Out)
    36. This Won't Kill You (Three Men Out)
    37. Before Midnight
    38. Might As Well Be Dead
    39. The Next Witness (Three Witnesses)
    40. When a Man Murders (Three Witnesses)
    41. Die Like a Dog (Three Witnesses)
    42. If Death Ever Slept
    43. A Window for Death (Three for the Chair)
    44. Immune to Murder (Three for the Chair)
    45. Too Many Detectives (Three for the Chair)
    46. The Christmas Party (And Four to Go)
    47. Easter Parade (And Four to Go)
    48. A Fourth of July Picnic (And Four to Go)
    49. Murder is No Joke (And Four to Go)
    50. Champagne for One
    51. Plot It Yourself
    52. Poison a la Carte (Three at Wolfe's Door)
    53. Method Three for Murder (Three at Wolfe's Door)
    54. The Rodeo Murder (Three at Wolfe's Door)
    55. Too Many Clients
    56. The Final Deduction
    57. Eeeny Meeny Murder Mo (Homicide Trinity)
    58. Death of a Demon (Homicide Trinity)
    59. Counterfeit for Murder (Homicide Trinity)
    60. Gambit
    61. The Mother Hunt
    62. A Right to Die
    63. The Doorbell Rang
    64. Kill Now--Pay Later (Trio for Blunt Instruments)
    65. Murder is Corny (Trio for Blunt Instruments)
    66. Blood Will Tell (Trio for Blunt Instruments)
    67. Death of a Doxy
    68. The Father Hunt
    69. Death of a Dude
    70. Please Pass the Guilt
    71. A Family Affair
    72. Bitter End (Death Times Three)
    73. Frame-Up for Murder (Death Times Three)
    74. Assault on a Brownstone (Death Times Three)


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    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.


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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.




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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Jari Saari (Joensuu, FI)
    Solid collection

    Some titles have slight noise

    R.W. (Toronto, CA)
    Delighted to have the entire Nero Wolfe series in audiobook form!

    Thank you MotionAudiobooks, and also for recommending an app to play them on my iPhone.

    William Hibbard (Stoughton, US)
    Great value for great stories

    The Nero Wolfe books are great stories, well narrated by Michael Prichard. Many of these books have been very difficult to find as audiobooks. All 33 novels and 41 short stories for $55 is a terrific value. Many thanks to MotionAudioBooks for making this collection available.

    Michele Watson (Greensburg, US)

    The Nero Wolfe Series by Rex Stout - 74 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

    alvin stewart (Redford, US)
    very good nero wolfe autobook .voice actor sounds like sidney greenstreet,thats a good thing.

    good series ,looking for gemma headley books [jamie bond,and high heel mysteries.]

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