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    The Spenser Series by Robert B. Parker & Ace Atkins 50 MP3 AUDIOBOOKS COLLECTION

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    Robert B. Parker began writing in 1971 while teaching at Boston's Northeastern University. Now he is acknowledged as the dean of American crime fiction and was named Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America (2002). His novels featuring the wise-cracking, street-smart Boston private-eye Spenser have earned him a devoted following and reams of critical acclaim. The Spenser character inspired the television series Spenser: For Hire and a number of made-for-television films.


    1. Chasing the Bear A Young - Michael Prichard
    2. The Godwulf Manuscript - Michael Prichard
    3. God Save the Child - Michael Prichard
    4. Mortal Stakes - Michael Prichard
    5. Promised Land - Michael Prichard
    6. The Judas Goat - Michael Prichard
    7. Looking For Rachel Wallace - Michael Prichard
    8. Early Autumn - Michael Prichard
    9. A Savage Place - Michael Prichard
    10. Ceremony - Michael Prichard
    11. The Widening Gyre - Michael Prichard
    12. Valediction - Michael Prichard
    13. A Catskill Eagle - Michael Prichard
    14. Taming A Sea-Horse - Michael Prichard
    15. Pale Kings and Princes
    16. Crimson Joy - Michael Prichard
    17. Playmates - Michael Prichard
    18. Stardust - Michael Prichard
    19. Pastime - David Dukes
    20. Double Deuce - David Dukes
    21. Paper Doll - Michael Prichard
    22. Walking Shadow - Michael Prichard
    23. Thin Air - David Dukes
    24. Chance - Burt Reynolds
    25. Small Vices - Burt Reynolds
    26. Sudden Michief - William Windom
    27. Hush Money - Burt Reynolds
    28. Hugger Mugger - Joe Mantegna
    29. Potshot - Joe Mantegna
    30. Widow's Walk - Joe Mantegna
    31. Back Story - Joe Mantegna
    32. Bad Business - Joe Mantegna
    33. Cold Service - Joe Mantegna
    34. School Days - Joe Mantegna
    35. Hundred Dollar Baby - Joe Mantegna
    36. Now and Then - Joe Mantegna
    37. Rough Weather - Joe Mantegna
    38. Professional - Joe Mantegna
    39. Painted Ladies - Joe Mantegna
    40. Sixkill - Joe Mantegna
    41. Lullaby - Joe Mantegna - Ace Atkins
    42. Wonderland - Joe Mantegna - Ace Atkins
    43. Silent Night - Joe Mantegna - with Helen Brann
    44. Cheap Shot - Spenser
    45. Kickback (2015) - Joe Mantegna - Ace Atkins
    46. Slow Burn (2016) - Joe Mantegna - Ace Atkins
    47. Little White Lies (2017) - Joe Mantegna - Ace Atkins
    48. Old Black Magic (2018) - Joe Mantegna - Ace Atkins
    49. Angel Eyes (2019) - Joe Mantegna - Ace Atkins
    50. Someone to Watch Over Me (2020) - Joe Mantegna - Ace Atkins

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    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.




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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Johnson (Riverside, US)
    The copies I received Suck

    I was able to use 2 of 50 books. Tracks didn’t copy completely and in disarray. I ask for help and all I got was silence. I do not recommend this series.

    Ron Keeler (Ryde, GB)
    Better than expected. The Spencer Novels in audio.

    I am happy to write a review because I am very pleased with my 51 audio book collection! The Spencer novels by Robert B Parker.
    It's so convenient to have been able to put the MP3 files onto my smart-phone. I can now happily listen to hours of the Spencer novels in my den.

    I find them fascinating. The hero is a private eye under hire to successive clients often in the area of Boston in the USA. He is totally believable, a likable but tough character with sound values. He would rather do what he perceives is the right thing than get paid, sometimes. Spencer has a long-term lady-friend who is a children's psychologist. Her input to the cases is invaluable, as is her particular insight into how our hero ticks. Their relationship is endearing, and as much about cosying-up, meals in and out, as it is about their underplayed sexual relationship.

    Spencer has a knack for noticing every detail. That applies to careful descriptions of his journeys and the people he meets, to what he and Susan have for a meal-out, or what they cook for each other at home. Spencer is a true hero and we know his hidden power. He works-out as a matter of routine, is an ex-boxer and ex-policeman. He takes no prisoners with his sharp humour and caustic comments, which is often not appreciated by people he meets, sometimes not even by his clients. He carries a licensed gun, but is ready with his fists if it proves necessary. Few people can withstand him toe to toe, so we feel safe as he accosts some pretty nasty people. But he is also a caring man and will put his life on the line for the weak.

    So I recommend these books to everyone who enjoys a good detective story. These are exceptional and after hearing one book, I bought the whole lot!

    Happy listening, Ron Keeler, Isle of Wight, Great Britain.

    Purl (Parkville, US)
    Great Value

    Great Value

    Madaline Meachum

    Well-packaged book was just as described

    Joy Franklin (Placerville, US)
    It’s Great!!

    I am so happy with the quality of the recordings and am really excited to be able to have the entire series! Thank you for making it so easy and affordable to build my audio library.

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