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    Stephanie Laurens ~ 47 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Romance set against the backdrop of Regency England were the first Stephanie Laurens ever read, and they continue to exert a special attraction. On escaping from the dry world of professional science to carve out a career as a writer, Stephanie published either Regency romances, then turned to longer, historical romances set in the Regency period. Her first - Captain Jack's Woman - was published by Avon Books in 1977. Subsequent books from Avon have told the tales of the Bar Cynster - a group of masterful, arrogant cousins of the ducal Cynster dynasty. Devils' Bride, A Rake's Vow, Scandal's Bride, A Rouge's Proposal and A Secret Love have documented handsome Cynsters.


    Bastion Club Series
    1. Captain Jack's Woman (read by McAllister Lee)
    2. The Lady Chosen (read by Jill Tanner)
    3. A Gentleman's Honor (read by Jill Tanner)
    4. A Lady Of His Own (read by Jill Tanner)
    5. A Fine Passion (read by Jill Tanner)
    6. To Distraction (read by Jill Tanner)
    7. Beyond Seduction (read by Steven Crossley)
    8. The Edge Of Desire (read by Steven Crossley)
    9. Mastered By Love (read by Steven Crossley)

    Black Cobra Quartet Series
    10. The Untamed Bride (read by Simon Pebble)
    11. The Elusive Bride (read by Simon Pebble)
    12. The Brazen Bride (read by Simon Pebble)
    13. The Reckless Bride (read by Simon Pebble)

    Regencies Series
    14. Tangled Reins (read by Rosalyn Landor)
    15. Four In Hand (read by Ashford MacNab)
    16. Impetuous Innocence (read by Polly Lee)
    17. Fair Juno (read by Elizabeth Jasicki)
    18. The Reasons For Marriage (read by Helen Stern)
    19. A Lady Of Expectations (read by Elizabeth Jasicki)
    20. An Unwilling Conquest (read by Nellie Chalfant)
    21. A Comfortable Wife (read by Rosalind Ashford)

    Casebook of Barnaby Adair Series
    22. Where The Heart Leads (read by Simon Pebble)
    23. The Peculiar Case Of Lord Finsbury's Diamonds (read by Jim McCabe)
    24. The Masterful Mr. Montague (read by Napoleon Ryan)
    25. The Curious Case Of Lady Latimer's Shoes (read by Jim McCabe)
    26. Loving Rose: The Redemption Of Malcolm Sinclair (read by Napoleon Ryan)
    27. The Confounding Case Of The Carisbrook Emeralds (read by Napoleon Ryan)
    28. The Murder At Mandeville Hall (read by Napoleon Ryan)

    The Adventurers Quartet Series
    29. The Lady's Command (read by Steve West)
    30. A Buccaneer At Heart (read by Steve West)
    31. The Daredevil Snared (read by Steve West)
    32. Lord Of The Privateers (read by Steve West)

    Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas Chronicles Series
    33. Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas Goose (read by Helen Lloyd)
    34. Lady Osbaldestone And The Missing Christmas Carols (read by Helen Lloyd)
    35. Lady Osbaldestone’s Plum Puddings (read by Helen Lloyd)
    36. Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas Intrigue (read by Helen Lloyd)
    37. The Meaning Of Love (read by Matthew Brenher)

    The Cavanaughs Series
    38. The Designs Of Lord Randolph Cavanaugh (read by Justin Hill)
    39. The Pursuits Of Lord Kit Cavanaugh (read by Justin Hill)
    40. The Beguilement Of Lady Eustacia Cavanaugh (read by Justin Hill)
    41. The Obsessions Of Lord Godfrey Cavanaugh (read by Justin Hill)

    Legend of Nimway Hall Series
    42. 1750: Jacqueline (read by Lucy Rayner)
    43. Karen Hawkins - 1794: Charlotte (read by Lucy Rayner)
    44. Suzanne Enoch - 1818: Isabel (read by Lucy Rayner)
    45. Victoria Alexander - 1888: Alexandra (read by Lucy Rayner)

    46. The Lady Risks All (read by Matthew Brenher)
    47. It Happened One Season (read by Simon Pebble, Anne Flosnik)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    A.V. (Adelaide, AU)
    Stephanie Laurens

    I've always enjoyed her writings from the from the early books, including the Cobra drama's though to all the family Dynasties. She has a broad platform and does not depend on the same titles ie. romance, drama. etc. I would recommend this author to anyone who would like a great read, without getting bored. Lucia Vaisey

    Lucie F (Peachtree Corners, US)
    Stephanie Laurens Does Detection

    The Honorable Barnaby Adair and his wife Penelope are amateur detectives. They attempt to solve criminal cases occurring within the ton. They are assisted by Basil Stokes , a working class man assigned to Scotland Yard. Theft, murder , and scandal are all part of their investigations. Romance also plays a large part in these stories. I've read almost all of Stephanie Laurens books over the years and while some of the series like The Black Cobra Quartet are thrillers these stories were a new direction for Ms Laurens when she wrote them. I am going to enjoy hearing them. I think you will too.

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