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    The Georgette Heyer Collection 45 MP3 AUDIOBOOKS

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    Alastair-Audley Series
    1. These Old Shades (read by Cornelius Garrett)(1926)
    2. Devil's Cub (read by Michael Drew)(1932)
    3. Regency Buck (read by June Barrie)(1935)
    4. An Infamous Army (read by Claire Higgins)(1937)

    Historical Romances Series
    1. The Black Moth (read by Julian Rhind-Tutt)(1921)
    2. Simon The Coldheart (read by Ben Elliot)(1925)
    3. Beauvallet (read by Cornelius Garrett)(1929)
    4. Powder And Patch (read by Jamie Glover)
    5. The Conqueror (read by Cornelius Garrett)(1931)
    6. Royal Escape (read by Cornelius Garrett)(1938)
    7. The Spanish Bride (read by David Collins)(1940)
    8. My Lord John (read by Edmund Dehn)(1975)

    Inspector Hannasyde Series
    1. Death In The Stocks (read by Hugh Dickson)(1935)
    2. Behold, Here's Poison (read by Hugh Dickson)(1936)
    3. They Found Him Dead (read by Clifford Norgate)(1937)
    4. A Blunt Instrument (read by Hugh Dickson)(1938)

    Inspector Hemingway Series
    1. No Wind Of Blame (read by Ulli Birve)(1939)
    2. Envious Casca (read by Ulli Birve)(1941)
    3. Duplicate Death (read by Ulli Birve)(1951)
    4. Detection Unlimited (read by Ulli Birve)(1953)

    Regency Romances Series
    1. The Convenient Marriage (read by Caroline Hunt)(1934)
    2. The Talisman Ring (read by Phyllida Nash)(1936)
    3. The Corinthian (read by Georgina Sutton)(1940)
    4. Faro's Daughter (read by Eve Matheson)(1941)
    5. The Reluctant Widow (read by Cornelius Garrett)(1946)
    6. Friday's Child (read by Eve Matheson)(1944)
    7. The Foundling (read by Phyllida Nash)(1948)
    8. Arabella (read by Eve Matheson)(1949)
    9. The Grand Sophy (read by Sara Woodward)(1950)
    10. The Quiet Gentleman (read by Cornelius Garrett)(1951)
    11. Cotillion (read by Phyllida Nash)(1953)
    12. The Toll-Gate (read by Daniel Hill)(1954)
    13. Bath Tangle (read by Sian Phillips)(1955)
    14. Sprig Muslin (read by Sian Phillips)(1956)
    15. April Lady (read by Eve Matheson)(1957)
    16. Sylvester (read by Judy Franklin)(1957)
    17. Venetia (read by Phyllida Nash)(1958)
    18. The Unknown Ajax (read by Daniel Philpott)(1959)
    19. A Civil Contract (read by Phyllida Nash)(1961)
    20. The Nonesuch (read by Eve Matheson)(1962)
    21. False Colours (read by Phyllida Nash)(1963)
    22. The Black Sheep (read by Barbara Leigh-Hunt)(1966)
    23. Cousin Kate (read by Sian Phillips)(1968)
    24. Charity Girl (read by Daniel Philpott)(1970)
    25. Lady Of Quality (read by Eve Matheson)(1972)

    Audio-DVD format:

    It can be used on DVD and DVD-Rom players, also on devices such as Playstation, Xbox or portable DVD players. In addition, the tracks can be taken to any mp3 player, such as portable mp3 player, tablets, smartphones, etc. through the computer.

    - The tracks are handled in the same way that you would handle the songs through iTunes.

    - The number of discs varies by each title, although generally it goes in a single disc.

     - The AudioDVD format is not the same as traditional CDs and does not work on CD players. Please be sure to use one of the players mentioned above.

    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.


    MP3-CD format:

    This audio CD-MP3 works on your computer. It also works on CD and DVD players with mp3 capacity, including car stereos.

    - The number of discs varies by each title. Each disc can contain one or several audiobooks.

    - The mp3 tracks can be taken to different mp3 players or smartphones and iphone or ipad. Make sure your device is compatible with this technology before making your purchase.

    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.




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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Sue Hurll-Bastian (Brookfield, US)
    Super Wonderful, Helpful and kind. Some quality disparity

    Dealing with MotionAudiobooks was a pleasure. They went above and beyond to get the works to me virtually. I was pleasantly surprised when the works also arrived via cd! I wish all the works had been of similarly wonderful quality as some but some works were recorded, I believe, from cassette tapes and lacked clarity. Still, this collection is a treasure.

    M Montgomery (Albuquerque, US)
    Above expectations!

    Easy to order! Customer service (live people) was so good! Very content with product.

    Lucie F (Peachtree Corners, US)
    Old Time Romance and Mystery Collection.

    What a great collection of not only Miss Heyer's historical romance, but also three of her mystery series. Ms Heyer was the creator of the historical romance novel, an expert on all things Regency , and the inspiration for today's Regency Romance writers. Her stories were all written between the period of the 1920's to 1974. If you are looking for sex on every page novels you will be disappointed, but if you like clean character driven stories you will find these delightful.

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