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    The Bernard Cornwell Complete Collection 60 MP3 AUDIOBOOKS

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    Bernard Cornwell was born in London, raised in Essex, and now lives mainly in the USA with his wife. In addition to the hugely successful Sharpe novels, Bernard Cornwell is the author of the Starbuck Chronicles, the Warlord trilogy, the Grail Quest series and the Alfred series.


    Sharpe series
    1. Sharpe's Tiger (read by William Gaminara)
    2. Sharpe's Triumph (read by William Gaminara)
    3. Sharpe's Fortress (read by William Gaminara)
    4. Sharpe's Trafalgar (read by William Gaminara)
    5. Sharpe's Prey (read by William Gaminara)
    6. Sharpe's Rifles (read by William Gaminara)
    7. Sharpe's Havoc (read by William Gaminara)
    8. Sharpe's Eagle (read by William Gaminara)
    9. Sharpe's Gold (read by William Gaminara)
    10. Sharpe's Escape (read by William Gaminara)
    11. Sharpe's Fury (read by Steven Crossley)
    12. Sharpe's Battle (read by William Gaminara)
    13. Sharpe's Company (read by William Gaminara)
    14. Sharpe's Sword (read by William Gaminara)
    15. Sharpe's Skirmish (read by Alistair Maydon)
    16. Sharpe's Enemy (read by Frederick Davidson)
    17. Sharpe's Honour (read by Frederick Davidson)
    18. Sharpe's Regiment (read by William Gaminara)
    19. Sharpe's Christmas (read by Sean Cullen)
    20. Sharpe's Siege (read by William Gaminara)
    21. Sharpe's Revenge (read by William Gaminara)
    22. Sharpe's Waterloo (read by William Gaminara)
    23. Sharpe's Ransom (read by Sean Cullen)
    24. Sharpe's Devil (read by William Gaminara)

    The Warrior Chronicles / Saxon Stories series
    1. The Last Kingdom (read by Jamie Glover)
    2. The Pale Horseman (read by Tom Sellwood)
    3. The Lords Of The North (read by Tom Sellwood)
    4. Sword Song (read by Jamie Glover)
    5. The Burning Land (read by Stephen Perring)
    6. Death Of Kings (read by Stephen Perring)
    7. The Pagan Lord (read by Matt Bates)
    8. The Empty Throne (read by Matt Bates)
    9. Warriors Of The Storm (read by Matt Bates)
    10. The Flame Bearer (read by Matt Bates)

    The Warlord Chronicles series / The Arthur Books series
    1. The Winter King (read by Edmund Dehn)
    2. Enemy Of God (read by Edmund Dehn)
    3. Excalibur (read by Edmund Dehn)

    Grail Quest series
    1. The Archer's Tale (read by Colin McPhilamy)
    2. Vagabond (read by Sean Barrett)
    3. Heretic (read by Sean Barrett)
    4. 1356 (read by Jack Hawkins)

    The Starbuck Chronicles series
    1. Rebel (read by Hayward Morse)
    2. Copperhead (read by Tom Parker)
    3. Battle Flag (read by Tom Parker)
    4. The Bloody Ground (read by Tom Parker)

    The Thrillers series
    1. Wildtrack (read by Nick Sandman)
    2. Sea Lord (read by David Case)
    3. Crackdown (read by David Case)
    4. Stormchild (read by David Case)

    Crowning Mercy series / as Susannah Kells
    1. A Crowning Mercy (read by Anna Bentinck)
    2. Fallen Angels (read by Anna Bentinck)

    1. Waterloo (read by Dugald Bruce Lockhart)
    2. Fools And Mortals (read by Thomas Judd)
    3. Stonehenge (read by Sean Barrett)
    4. Gallows Thief (read by Sean Barrett)
    5. Azincourt (read by Charles Keating)
    6. The Fort (read by Robin Bowerman)


    Audio-DVD format:

    It can be used on DVD and DVD-Rom players, also on devices such as Playstation, Xbox or portable DVD players. In addition, the tracks can be taken to any mp3 player, such as portable mp3 player, tablets, smartphones, etc. through the computer.

    - The tracks are handled in the same way that you would handle the songs through iTunes.

    - The number of discs varies by each title, although generally it goes in a single disc.

     - The AudioDVD format is not the same as traditional CDs and does not work on CD players. Please be sure to use one of the players mentioned above.

    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.


    MP3-CD format:

    This audio CD-MP3 works on your computer. It also works on CD and DVD players with mp3 capacity, including car stereos.

    - The number of discs varies by each title. Each disc can contain one or several audiobooks.

    - The mp3 tracks can be taken to different mp3 players or smartphones and iphone or ipad. Make sure your device is compatible with this technology before making your purchase.

    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.




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    Robert Thorne (London, GB)
    Great service highly recommended

    I received the download immediately and it downloaded. There was a little issue with one of the books but after contacting them they resent the download again and it was perfect. Highly recommended will buy from them again.
    Many thanks for everything

    Amee Tanaka

    Item as described and promptly shipped; would recommend. Many thanks!

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