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    The Legend Of Drizzt Series by R.A. Salvatore ~ 44 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    R. A. Salvatore was born in Massachusetts in 1959. He is the acclaimed author of the DemonWars trilogy: The Demon Awakens, The Demon Spirit, and The Demon Apostle, as well as Mortalis, Bastion of Darkness, Ascendance, and the New York Times bestseller Star Wars® The New Jedi Order: Vector Prime. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Diane, and their three children.


    The Dark Elf Trilogy:
    1. Homeland (read by Victor Bevine)
    2. Exile (read by Victor Bevine)
    3. Sojourn (read by Victor Bevine)

    The Icewind Dale Trilogy:
    4. The Crystal Shard (read by Victor Bevine)
    5. Streams Of Silver (read by Victor Bevine)
    6. The Halfling's Gem (read by Victor Bevine)

    Legacy Of The Drow Series:
    7. The Legacy (read by Victor Bevine)
    8. Starless Night (read by Victor Bevine)
    9. Siege Of Darkness (read by Victor Bevine)
    10. Passage To Dawn (read by Victor Bevine)

    Paths Of Darkness Series:
    11. The Silent Blade (read by Victor Bevine)
    12. The Spine Of The World (read by Victor Bevine)
    13. Sea Of Swords (read by Victor Bevine)

    The Sellswords Series:
    14. Servant Of The Shard (read by Victor Bevine)
    15. Promise Of The Witch King (read by Victor Bevine)
    16. Road Of The Patriarch (read by David Colacci)

    The Hunter's Blades Trilogy:
    17. The Thousand Orcs (read by Victor Bevine)
    18. The Lone Drow (read by Victor Bevine)
    19. The Two Swords (read by Victor Bevine)

    Transitions Series:
    20. The Orc King (read by Mark Bramhall)
    21. The Pirate King (read by Mark Bramhall)
    22. The Ghost King (read by Mark Bramhall)

    Neverwinter Saga:
    23. Gauntlgrym (read by Victor Bevine)
    24. Neverwinter (read by Victor Bevine)
    25. Charon's Claw (read by Victor Bevine)
    26. The Last Threshold (read by Victor Bevine)

    The Sundering:
    27. The Companions (read by Victor Bevine)

    Companions Codex Series:
    28. Night Of The Hunter (read by Victor Bevine)
    29. Rise Of The King (read by Victor Bevine)
    30. Vengeance Of The Iron Dwarf (read by Victor Bevine)

    Homecoming Series:
    31. Archmage (read by Victor Bevine)
    32. Maestro (read by Victor Bevine)
    33. Hero (read by Victor Bevine)

    Generations Series:
    34. Timeless (read by Victor Bevine)
    35. Boundless (read by Victor Bevine)
    36. Relentless (read by Victor Bevine)

    The Cleric Quintet:
    37. Canticle (read by Victor Bevine)
    38. In Sylvan Shadows (read by Victor Bevine)
    39. Night Masks (read by Victor Bevine)
    40. The Fallen Fortress (read by Victor Bevine)
    41. The Chaos Curse (read by Victor Bevine)

    Way of the Drow
    42. Starlight Enclave (2021)
    43. Glacier's Edge (2022)
    44. Lolth's Warrior (2023)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Theodore Piatt (Pratt, US)

    Absolutely love the books

    Tomas Wind (Aabenraa, DK)

    is really good

    Ian (Laurel, US)
    Good value but some quality issues

    This bundle is a great value for all the books. However, several of the chapters in several books have been cut short which is frustrating when listening to them. Makes the storyline choppy and hard to follow.

    J.M. (Portland, US)
    Excellent set of quality audiobooks

    Highly recommend this set. Great reader, good quality. There are two sets of Salvatore books on here and this is by far the better set. Much better quality than the other set

    James Brandt (Savoy, US)

    Marvelously satisfied. Not sure about the 4 star review on quality. I have Books 1-3 from Audible, and 1/4 of the way into Book 4 it seems to be same quality to me.

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