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    Thirty years ago Tom Clancy was a Maryland insurance broker with a passion for naval history. Years before, he had been an English major at Baltimore's Loyola College and had always dreamed of writing a novel. His first effort, The Hunt for Red October, sold briskly as a result of rave reviews, then catapulted onto the New York Times bestseller list after President Reagan pronounced it "the perfect yarn". From that day forward, Clancy established himself as an undisputed master at blending exceptional realism and authenticity, intricate plotting, and razor-sharp suspense. He passed away in October 2013.


    Jack Ryan Universe Series
    1. Without Remorse (read by Michael Prichard)
    2. Patriot Games (read by Scott Brick)
    3. Red Rabbit (read by Scott Brick)
    4. The Hunt For Red October (read by Scott Brick)
    5. The Cardinal Of The Kremlin (read by Michael Prichard)
    6. Clear And Present Danger (read by Michael Prichard)
    7. The Sum Of All Fears (read by Scott Brick)
    8. Debt Of Honor (read by John McDonald)
    9. Executive Orders (read by Michael Prichard)
    10. Rainbow Six (read by Michael Prichard)
    11. The Bear And The Dragon (read by Michael Prichard)
    12. The Teeth Of The Tiger (read by Stephen Hoye)
    13. Dead Or Alive (read by Lou Diamond Phillips)
    14. Locked On (read by Lou Diamond Phillips)
    15. Threat Vector (read by Lou Diamond Phillips)
    16. Command Authority (read by Lou Diamond Phillips)
    17. Mark Greaney - Support And Defend (read by Scott Brick)
    18. Mark Greaney - Full Force And Effect (read by Scott Brick)
    19. Grant Blackwood - Under Fire (read by Scott Brick)
    20. Mark Greaney - Commander-In-Chief (read by Scott Brick)
    21. Grant Blackwood - Duty And Honor (read by Scott Brick)
    22. Mark Greaney - True Faith And Allegiance (read by Scott Brick)
    23. Mike Maden - Point Of Contact (read by Scott Brick)
    24. Marc Cameron - Power And Empire (read by Scott Brick)
    25. Mike Maden - Line Of Sight (read by Scott Brick)
    26. Marc Cameron - Oath Of Office (read by Scott Brick)
    27. Mike Maden - Enemy Contact (read by Scott Brick)
    28. Marc Cameron - Code Of Honor (read by Scott Brick)
    29. Mike Maden - Firing Point (read by Scott Brick)
    30. Marc Cameron - Shadow Of The Dragon (read by Scott Brick)
    31. Don Bentley - Target Acquired (read by Scott Brick)
    32. Marc Cameron - Chain Of Command (read by Scott Brick)

    Tom Clancy's Op-Center Series
    33. Jeff Rovin - Op-Center (read by Michael Kramer)
    34. Jeff Rovin - Mirror Image (read by Michael Kramer)
    35. Jeff Rovin - Games Of State (read by Michael Kramer)
    36. Jeff Rovin - Acts Of War (read by Michael Kramer)
    37. Jeff Rovin - Balance Of Power (read by Michael Kramer)
    38. Jeff Rovin - State Of Siege (read by Michael Kramer)
    39. Jeff Rovin - Divide And Conquer (read by Michael Kramer)
    40. Jeff Rovin - Line Of Control (read by Michael Kramer)
    41. Jeff Rovin - Mission Of Honor (read by Michael Kramer)
    42. Jeff Rovin - Sea Of Fire (read by Michael Kramer)
    43. Jeff Rovin - Call To Treason (read by Michael Kramer)
    44. Jeff Rovin - War Of Eagles (read by Michael Kramer)
    45. Dick Couch - Out Of Ashes (read by Scott Sowers)
    46. Dick Couch - Into The Fire (read by Henry Leyva)
    47. George Galdorisi - Scorched Earth (read by Peter Berkrot)
    48. Jeff Rovin - Sting Of The Wasp (read by Aaron Abano)
    49. Jeff Rovin - God Of War (read by Aaron Abano)
    50. Jeff Rovin - The Black Order (read by Jeff Gurner)
    51. George Galdorisi - Dark Zone (read by Henry Leyva)
    52. Jeff Rovin - For Honor (read by Jeff Gurner)
    Tom Clancy's Net Force Series
    53. Steve Perry - Net Force (read by Kerry Shale)
    54. Steve Perry - Hidden Agendas (read by Kerry Shale)
    55. Steve Perry - Night Moves (read by Edward Herrmann)
    56. Steve Perry - Breaking Point (read by Stephen Lang)
    57. Steve Perry - Point Of Impact (read by J.K. Simmons)
    58. Steve Perry - Cybernation (read by Sam Freed)
    59. Steve Perry - State Of War (read by John Bedford Lloyd)
    60. Steve Perry - Changing Of The Guard (read by Sam Tsoutsouvas)
    61. Jerome Preisler - Dark Web (read by Jeffrey Kafer)
    62. Jerome Preisler - Attack Protocol (read by Seth Podowitz)
    63. Jerome Preisler - Kill Chain (read by Seth Podowitz)

    Tom Clancy's Power Plays Series
    64. Politika (read by Jay O. Sanders)
    65. (read by Jay O. Sanders)
    66. Shadow Watch (read by J.K. Simmons)
    67. Bio-Strike (read by George Dicenzo)
    68. Cold War (read by George Dicenzo)
    69. Cutting Edge (read by George Dicenzo)

    Commanders Series
    70. Into The Storm (read by Boyd Gaines, Ken Jenkins)
    71. Every Man A Tiger (read by Jonathan Marosz)
    72. Shadow Warriors
    73. Battle Ready (read by Tony Zinni, Robb Webb)

    Max Moore Series
    74. Against All Enemies (read by Steven Webber)

    75. Red Storm Rising (read by Michael Prichard)
    76. SSN (read by Joe Morton, Boyd Gaines)
    77. Checkmate (read by Ray Charles)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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    Based on 3 reviews
    Andy Jones (Florence, US)

    Love them

    S.M. (Newcastle, CA)
    John Sandford Archie McNally Series

    Original order was delayed at USPS the tracking number never moved. I emailed customer service and they were very helpful and asked if I could wait for an other week or I could download them myself. I asked for and received the link. I was sent a Google drive link and had to make available offline then I could download. Very happy with the service and the disks arrived several days later from USPS /Canada post . Will definitely order again from Motion audio book

    Michele Watson (New York, US)
    Great author!

    I enjoy his books!

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