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    Andre Norton ~ 58 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    For well over a half century, Andre Norton has been one of the most popular science fiction and fantasy authors in the world. Since her first SF novels were published in the 1940s, her adventure SF has enthralled readers young and old. With series such as Time Traders, Solar Queen, Forerunner, Beast Master, Crosstime, and Janus, as well as many stand-alone novels, her tales of action and adventure throughout the galaxy have drawn countless readers to science fiction.


    Halfblood Chronicles Series
    1. The Elvenbane (read by Aasne Vigesaa)
    2. Elvenblood (read by Aasne Vigesaa)
    3. Elvenborn (read by Anne Flosnik)

    Time Traders / Ross Murdock Series books 1-4,6,7
    4. The Time Traders 1-2 (read by Graham Rowat)
    5. The Time Traders 3-4 (read by Graham Rowat)
    6. Echoes In Time (read by Mark F. Smith)
    7. Atlantis Endgame (read by Mark F. Smith)

    Solar Queen Series books 2,3,6,7
    8. Plague Ship (read by Mark Nelson)
    9. Voodoo Planet (read by Jim Roberts)
    10. Derelict For Trade (read by Steven Menasche)
    11. A Mind For Trade (read by Steven Menasche)

    Central Control Series
    12. Star Rangers (read by Melton Meltz)
    13. Star Soldiers (read by Eric Michael Summerer)

    Forerunner Series
    14. Warlock 1-3 (read by Gabriel Vaughan)
    15. The Forerunner Factor 4-5 (Traci Odom)

    Witch World Series 1: The Estcarp Cycle Series
    16. Estcarp Cycle Trilogy 1-3 (read by Adjoa Andoh, John Lee)
    17. Warlock Of The Witch World (read by Jim Shelby)
    18. Sorceress Of The Witch World (read by Amanda Royce-Hale)
    19. Ciara's Song (read by Mary Kane) (Cassette)

    Witch World Series 2: High Hallack Cycle Series
    20. High Hallack Cycle 1-2 (read by Adjoa Andoh, John Lee)
    21. The Crystal Gryphon (read by Adjoa Andoh, John Lee)
    22. Gryphon In Glory (read by Adjoa Andoh, John Lee)
    23. Horn Crown (read by Adjoa Andoh, John Lee)
    24. Gryphon's Eyrie (read by Adjoa Andoh, John Lee)

    Witch World Series 4: Secrets of the Witch World Series
    25. The Key Of The Keplian (read by Mary Kane)
    26. The Magestone (read by Mary Kane)
    27. The Warding Of The Witch World (read by Mary Kane)

    The Saga of the Trillium Series books 1,2,3,5 / with Marion Zimmer Bradley
    28. Black Trillium (read by Madelyn Buzzard)
    29. Blood Trillium (read by Madelyn Buzzard)
    30. Golden Trillium (read by Madelyn Buzzard)
    31. Sky Trillium (read by Madelyn Buzzard)

    Pax/Astra Series
    32. Star Flight 1-2 (read by Ryan Burke)

    Beast Master / Hosteen Storm Series
    33. The Beast Master (read by Joe Brown)
    34. Beast Master's Ark (read by Gabra Zackman)
    35. Beast Master's Circus (read by Gabra Zackman)
    36. Beast Master's Planet

    Central Asia Series
    37. Imperial Lady (Cassette)
    38. Empire Of The Eagle (read by John Horton)

    Five Senses Series books 3,4
    39. Wind In The Stone (read by John Polk)
    40. Scent Of Magic (read by Jill Fox)

    Moon Magic Series
    41. Moonsinger (read by Chris Abernathy, Chelsea Stephens)
    42. Moonsinger's Quest (read by Chris Abernathy)

    Crosstime/Blake Walker Series
    43. Crosstime 1-2 (read by Graham Rowat)

    The Zero Stone Series
    44. Search For The Star Stones (read by Charles Constant)

    46. Gods And Androids (read by Steven Jay Cohen)
    47. The Game Of Stars And Comets (read by L.J. Ganser)
    48. Dark Companion (read by Gail Shalan, Derek Shoales)
    49. All Cats Are Gray (read by Cindy Killavey)
    50. Brother To Shadows (read by Vanessa Maroney)
    51. Grand Master's Choice
    52. Knave Of Dreams (read by Lester Rawlins)
    53. Mark Of The Cat (read by Gary Tipton)
    54. Moon Mirror (read by Suzanne Toren)
    55. People Of The Crater (read by Mark Douglas Nelson)
    56. Star Hunter
    57. The X Factor (read by Bob Watson)
    58. Tales Of The Witch World (read by Katrina Van Dyne)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

    - Kbps vary by title.

    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    David Lindenthal (New York, US)

    Andre Norton ~ 58 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

    Roger Gipson (Tucson, US)
    Best Norton Audiobook collection

    Very satisfied.
    So far, no complaints.

    William Tanksley (Carlsbad, US)
    Amazingly complete collection

    This is a convenient and inexpensive way for a fan to regather treasured memories, but it also contains complete or nearly complete series that cannot be found in many other stores (at least, I wasn't). I'm glad to finally finish reading the Halfbreed series I started as a teen.

    Glen Peterson (Kalispell, US)
    Great author with many books

    You sent me a great many books, but there are a lot of holes in the series. Still worth it though.

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