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    The Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Chandler Warner ~ 138 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    Gertrude Chandler Warner was born in Putnam, Connecticut, on April 16, 1890, to Edgar and Jane Warner. Her family included a sister, Frances, and a brother, John. From the age of five, she dreamed of becoming an author. She wrote stories for her Grandfather Carpenter, and each Christmas she gave him one of these stories as a gift. Today, Ms. Warner is best remembered as the author of The Boxcar Children Mysteries.


    1. Boxcar Children 1 (read by Phyllis Newman)
    2. Boxcar Children 2 (read by Phyllis Newman)
    3. Boxcar Children 3 (read by Phyllis Newman)
    4. Mystery Ranch (read by Aimee Lilly)
    5. Mike's Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    6. Blue Bay Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    7. The Woodshed Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    8. The Lighthouse Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    9. Mountain Top Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    10. Schoolhouse Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    11. Caboose Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    12. Houseboat Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    13. Snowbound Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    14. Tree House Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    15. Bicycle Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    16. Mystery In The Sand (read by Aimee Lilly)
    17. Mystery Behind The Wall (read by Tim Gregory)
    18. Bus Station Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    19. Benny Uncovers A Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    20. The Haunted Cabin Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    21. The Deserted Library Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    22. The Animal Shelter Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    23. The Old Motel Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    24. The Mystery Of The Hidden Painting (read by Aimee Lilly)
    25. The Amusement Park Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    26. The Mystery Of The Mixed-Up Zoo (read by Tim Gregory)
    27. The Camp-Out Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    28. The Mystery Girl (read by Aimee Lilly)
    29. The Mystery Cruise (read by Tim Gregory)
    30. The Disappearing Friend Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    31. The Mystery Of The Singing Ghost (read by Aimee Lilly)
    32. The Mystery In The Snow (read by Tim Gregory)
    33. The Pizza Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    34. The Mystery Horse (read by Tim Gregory)
    35. The Mystery At The Dog Show (read by Aimee Lilly)
    36. The Castle Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    37. The Mystery Of The Lost Village (read by Tim Gregory)
    38. The Mystery Of The Purple Pool (read by Aimee Lilly)
    39. The Ghost Ship Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    40. The Canoe Trip Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    41. The Mystery Of The Hidden Beach (read by Aimee Lilly)
    42. The Mystery Of The Missing Cat (read by Tim Gregory)
    43. The Mystery On Stage (read by Tim Gregory)
    44. The Dinosaur Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    45. The Mystery Of The Stolen Music (read by Aimee Lilly)
    46. The Chocolate Sundae Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    47. The Mystery Of The Hot Air Balloon (read by Aimee Lilly)
    48. The Mystery Bookstore (read by Aimee Lilly)
    49. The Mystery Of The Stolen Boxcar (read by Tim Gregory)
    50. The Mystery In The Cave (read by Tim Gregory)
    51. The Mystery On The Train (read by Aimee Lilly)
    52. The Mystery Of The Lost Mine (read by Tim Gregory)
    53. The Guide Dog Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    54. The Hurricane Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    55. The Mystery Of The Secret Message (read by Aimee Lilly)
    56. The Firehouse Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    57. The Mystery In San Francisco (read by Tim Gregory)
    58. The Mystery At The Alamo (read by Aimee Lilly)
    59. The Outer Space Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    60. The Soccer Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    61. The Growling Bear Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    62. The Mystery Of The Lake Monster (read by Aimee Lilly)
    63. The Mystery At Peacock Hall (read by Aimee Lilly)
    64. The Black Pearl Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    65. The Cereal Box Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    66. The Panther Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    67. The Mystery Of The Stolen Sword (read by Tim Gregory)
    68. The Basketball Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    69. The Movie Star Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    70. The Mystery Of The Pirate's Map (read by Tim Gregory)
    71. The Ghost Town Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    72. The Mystery In The Mall (read by Aimee Lilly)
    73. The Gymnastics Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    74. The Poison Frog Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    75. The Mystery Of The Empty Safe (read by Aimee Lilly)
    76. The Great Bicycle Race Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    77. The Mystery Of The Wild Ponies (read by Tim Gregory)
    78. The Mystery In The Computer Game (read by Aimee Lilly)
    79. The Mystery At The Crooked House (read by Aimee Lilly)
    80. The Hockey Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    81. The Mystery Of The Midnight Dog (read by Aimee Lilly)
    82. The Summer Camp Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    83. The Copycat Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    84. The Haunted Clock Tower Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    85. The Disappearing Staircase Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    86. The Mystery On Blizzard Mountain (read by Aimee Lilly)
    87. The Mystery Of The Spider's Clue (read by Aimee Lilly)
    88. The Mystery Of The Mummy's Curse (read by Aimee Lilly)
    89. The Mystery Of The Star Ruby (read by Aimee Lilly)
    90. The Stuffed Bear Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    91. The Mystery At Skeleton Point (read by Aimee Lilly)
    92. The Tattletale Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    93. The Comic Book Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    94. The Ice Cream Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    95. The Midnight Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    96. The Mystery In The Fortune Cookie (read by Aimee Lilly)
    97. The Radio Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    98. The Mystery Of The Runaway Ghost (read by Aimee Lilly)
    99. The Finders Keepers Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    100. The Mystery Of The Haunted Boxcar (read by Aimee Lilly)
    101. The Clue In The Corn Maze (read by Tim Gregory)
    102. The Ghost Of The Chattering Bones (read by Aimee Lilly)
    103. The Sword Of The Silver Knight (read by Aimee Lilly)
    104. The Game Store Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    105. The Mystery Of The Orphan Train (read by Aimee Lilly)
    106. The Vanishing Passenger (read by Aimee Lilly)
    107. The Giant Yo-Yo Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    108. The Creature In Ogopogo Lake (read by Aimee Lilly)
    109. The Rock 'N' Roll Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    110. The Secret Of The Mask (read by Aimee Lilly)
    111. The Seattle Puzzle (read by Aimee Lilly)
    112. The Ghost In The First Row (read by Aimee Lilly)
    113. The Box That Watch Found (read by Tim Gregory)
    114. A Horse Named Dragon (read by Aimee Lilly)
    115. The Great Detective Race (read by Aimee Lilly)
    116. The Ghost At The Drive-In Movie (read by Tim Gregory)
    117. The Mystery Of The Traveling Tomatoes (read by Aimee Lilly)
    118. The Spy Game (read by Aimee Lilly)
    119. The Dog-Gone Mystery (read by Aimee Lilly)
    120. The Vampire Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    121. Superstar Watch (read by Aimee Lilly)
    122. The Spy In The Bleachers (read by Tim Gregory)
    123. The Amazing Mystery Show (read by Aimee Lilly)
    124. The Pumpkin Head Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    125. The Cupcake Caper (read by Aimee Lilly)
    126. The Clue In The Recycling Bin (read by Aimee Lilly)
    127. Monkey Trouble (read by Tim Gregory)
    128. The Zombie Project (read by Tim Gregory)
    129. The Great Turkey Heist (read by Aimee Lilly)
    130. The Garden Thief (read by Aimee Lilly)
    131. The Boardwalk Mystery (read by Tim Gregory)
    132. The Mystery Of The Fallen Treasure (read by Aimee Lilly)
    133. The Return Of The Graveyard Ghost (read by Tim Gregory)
    134. The Mystery Of The Stolen Snowboard (read by Tim Gregory)
    135. The Mystery Of The Wild West Bandit (read by Tim Gregory)
    136. The Mystery Of The Soccer Snitch (read by Aimee Lilly)
    137. The Mystery Of The Grinning Gargoyle (read by Aimee Lilly)
    138. The Mystery Of The Missing Pop Idol (read by Aimee Lilly)

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