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    The Belgariad Series & more by David Eddings ~ 21 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

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    David Eddings (July 7, 1931 – June 2, 2009) was an American author who wrote several best-selling series of epic fantasy novels. Born in Spokane, Washington, in 1931, Eddings grew up near Puget Sound. In the Rivan Codex, he described a good day in Seattle as "when it isn’t raining up;" rain became a consequent feature in many of his novels. After graduating from high school in 1949, he worked for a year before majoring in speech, drama and English at junior college. Eddings displayed an early talent for drama and literature, winning a national oratorical contest, and performing the male lead in most of his drama productions. He graduated with a BA from Reed College in 1954 and an MA from the University of Washington in 1961. He wrote a novel for a thesis at Reed College before being drafted into the U.S. Army.


    The Belgariad Series
    1. Belgarath The Sorcerer (read by Camereon Beierle)
    2. Polgara The Sorceress (read by Camereon Beierle)
    3. Pawn Of Prophecy (read by Camereon Beierle)
    4. Queen Of Sorcery (read by Camereon Beierle)
    5. Magician's Gambit (read by Camereon Beierle)
    6. Castle Of Wizardry (read by Camereon Beierle)
    7. Enchanters' End Game (read by Camereon Beierle)
    8. Guardians Of The West (read by Camereon Beierle)
    9. King Of The Murgos (read by Camereon Beierle)
    10. Demon Lords Of Karanda (read by Camereon Beierle)
    11. Sorceress Of Darshiva (read by Camereon Beierle)
    12. The Seeress Of Kell (read by Camereon Beierle)
    13. The Rivan Codex (read by Peter Brooke)

    The Elenium Series
    14. The Diamond Throne (read by Greg Abby)
    15. The Ruby Knight (read by Greg Abby)
    16. The Sapphire Rose (read by Greg Abby)

    The Tamuli Series
    17. Domes Of Fire (read by Kevin Pariseau)
    18. The Shining Ones (read by Kevin Pariseau)
    19. The Hidden City (read by Kevin Pariseau)

    The Dreamers Series
    20. The Elder Gods (read by John Lee)

    21. The Redemption Of Althalus (read by Dennis Holland)

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    - The format of the tracks is MP3; This is the extension of better handling and of more quality.

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    - Audiobooks are read by professional narrators.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Paola (Sydney, AU)
    David Eddings Series

    I loved reading David Eddings novels when I was younger. Being able to have them on audiobooks now is great, my son and I listen to them in the car all the time.

    Lewis Boyd (St Helens, GB)
    Great help from staff!

    I had some issues with the audio files, i asked the staff for help and they sent me brand new copies that worked perfectly.
    Highly recommend!

    Ken Vella (City of Westminster, GB)
    Very good customer service

    They arrived fairly quickly since they came from America, I think. Some of the tracks very of a poor quality with some words clipped, slurred or missing. However, customer services answered my queries very promptly and provided alternatives. Their helpful customer service gives me confidence to use them again knowing that they will address any issues quickly and efficiently.

    Angela Harding (Seattle, US)
    The Belgariad book one

    I don't like Cameron Beierle as a narrator, I was hoping it was the other narrators on this set, and I was wrong. Disappointed.

    L Ron Hubbard (Louisville, US)
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