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I was taking a break from Regency England when I discovered Laura Lee Guhrke.
These novels are set in the late Victorian to early Edwardian period. Both American Heiresses, and English women are featured. It was a time when the peerage were running out of money because tenant farmers and laborer's were moving off the land and into the factories, where they could make better wages, and foreign produce was cheaper. A new source of capital was needed so American Heiresses, who were barely palatable to the peerage, became a source of new wealth. The daughters of industrialist were sent in droves to England to marry titles, as they were despised by old moneyed New York and Boston. These are romance novels so their trials are barely touched upon , just some disdain and dislike, mostly by the English ladies who felt that they were scooping up all of the eligible bachelors. The stories are highly romantic and quite steamy. If you are looking for a brief escape from the Regency period too give them a try. I'm sure you will like them too.

Liam Devlin series & more

Great thrillers from a great thriller writer!

Great price and awesome collection, high quality and easy download.

MacKenzie Friend (Pittsfield, US)
loved it!

loved the series, great writer, would recomend for anyone who loves listening to tough moody men fall in love with strong women.

Doc Ford!

So great to find this entire series in one place. Thanks.

Edge of Honor

Excellent series

Sunny Randell Series

Love Parker’s books!

The Doc Ford Mystery series by Randy Wayne White 25 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

Way cheaper that stupid audible

Audible is way too expensive so this was a great alternative and unlike audible this way you can actually share it with your friends. This series is great

Fast delivery

Fast delivery without any problems.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery without any problems.

Catherine Coulter


Great Series!!!

For me, the Pendergast series rates just as good as the Star Wars timeline books. Very well made, and I really like the Pendergast character. I also like that they are in .mp3 format, where I can play them in my car. I am working on listening to the entire series, but I have already heard some of the series twice. I had a tough time finding this series in .mp3 format, but now that I have, I also plan on using Motion Audio for other titles. Thanks again!

Great purchase

Easy purchase, great product.
Even better people!
This company went above and beyond to make sure I had what I needed. Thank you a bunch!
I’m loving listening to this series. Will purchase more from them.

I bought the series for my vision impaired mother, and she has enjoyed every one

Complete audiobook set, fast service

I received these audiobooks quickly and was so excited to begin listening to the Bronze Horseman Trilogy, as well as others. I love this particular narrator, James Langton, and could only find this version here. So excited!

I got the entire set

Excellent audio tapes!
Fun author and stories.
I love them!

Enjoying This Series.

Before purchasing the audiobooks I hadn't read or listened to any of her work.
I have listened to about 4 of the titles so far and find myself delighted by the novels. She is a highly educated woman with degrees in political science, music history, conflict transformation and, law. She uses these talents well to
compose multi layered very interesting stories that never fail to please. If you want to listen to stories with something extra consider trying this series.

Murder she Wrote

Very enjoyable. Loved listening to the series.

The Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett ~ 41 MP3 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION

Douglas E Richards ~ 24 AUDIOBOOK COLLECTION
Maki Jackson (Los Angeles, US)
I'm loving all of them

I'm in heaven !! listening those everyday.. I will order other authors too

Excellent set of quality audiobooks

Highly recommend this set. Great reader, good quality. There are two sets of Salvatore books on here and this is by far the better set. Much better quality than the other set

Loved the digital download. Hope you will allow more audiobooks to be accessed like this

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Fast Delivery everything worked without problems.